The Magnificent, Mysterious,
(Often Misunderstood) Mixer Brush
~ and how Slowing Down and attending to each and every
brush stroke . . . just might change your life ~
Creating painterly effects in Photoshop has become almost too easy. 

Sure, with only a few clicks they're fast.  

And they look okay. (Not always great, but pretty good at least.)  

And for the most part running a quick painterly effect gets the job done . . .

But what if you want more than that?

Not only more from Photoshop — better results for a more professional and satisfying effect — but more from your time spent in Photoshop?

What if you don’t just want a quick and easy result but actually want to experience what it is like to truly paint by hand in Photoshop . . . ?

Think about that a moment.

Imagine . . . not only being able to shape the results you produce across each area of the canvas . . . 

And not only being able to craft the exact effects you’re aiming for in your compositions . . . 
Mixer Brush composition in Photoshop by Jill Johnson
But also being able to:

— Enjoy all the delights of actually painting with brush and canvas . . .

— Tap into the authentic joy of immersing yourself in a practice beloved by generations of artists dating back centuries . . .  

— And actually find some peace and tranquility in your artistic journey as you deliberately slooooooow down and savor applying each and every brush stroke by hand.

That would be a rather different experience.

And what if you could enjoy creating art this way without all the usual expense, mess, and turpentine smell common to traditional painting?

Even better:  What if you could experience all of this precision and control without spending ten years mastering the craft?

Add that to all the rest, and that might be more than just a different sort of experience.

That might change your life.

Mixer Brush composition in Photoshop by Jill Johnson
 Taming Photoshop’s most notoriously challenging tool … and using it to open up the most rewarding time you will ever spend creating art ...
When professional portrait painters move into Photoshop in search of the most realistic experience possible . . . what brush tool do they always pick?

Answer: The Mixer Brush.  

And it’s not even up for debate.  

But of course, wouldn’t ya know it … the most powerful artistic tool in Photoshop is also (notoriously) the most difficult to harness.

Learning to paint with the Mixer Brush is obviously much easier than learning to paint conventionally, but it still takes time and practice — all the more so if you don't have a clear idea of how it actually works and how to use it to achieve the most realistic results.

This is why having some expert guidance makes such a huge difference.

And the thing is . . . if you can demystify the most powerful tool in Photoshop . . . it could truly change your relationship to your artwork forever ...

(And very likely make you a much calmer, much happier person along the way.)

Which is something most aspiring artists are reaching for.

Often we take up an artistic life not only because we want to create something beautiful and have fun ...

But also because we are in search of a richer, more fulfilling, authentically meaningful path to happiness and contentment.

It might seem funny to say ... but with a little guidance, you can now find that path through the Mixer Brush.

Mixer Brush composition in Photoshop
Still life painting with the Mixer Brush in Photoshop
What IS it that makes the mixer brush the most complex yet most fulfilling tool in all of Photoshop?
Well, the first clue is right in the name — the MIXER Brush.  It mixes paint as you apply it to your canvas.

And with each stroke of the brush you are able to control how it mixes through your various choices . . .
  • The type of brush you're using and the most realistic techniques to apply with each.
  • The size of the brush, the angle you're holding it at, and how hard you're pressing down.
  • The dryness or wetness of the brush you're using.
  • The amount of paint loaded onto your brush and how thickly it is flowing.
  • The extent to which your paints are mixing with the paint lower on the canvas.
  • Even the kind of paint well you're dipping your brush into and whether or not you clean the brush before doing so!
Whether you are starting with one of your favorite photos, or with a dazzling AI image, or with a completed Photoshop composition, when it comes to laying down the brush strokes there's a lot to know if you want to produce truly exceptional results.  

But that's a big part of why it's so much fun!

And by mastering the inner workings of the Mixer Brush and painting techniques used by the pros, the results you are able to produce can be AMAZING.

Of course, you could spend a year or two trying to learn all this on your own . . .

But if so, you should probably buckle up for a long, tough ride.

The Mixer Brush does not reveal its secrets easily!

It is vastly easier if you have an expert guide with many years of experience to walk you through the entire process and help you navigate all the tricky parts that so often stump Photoshop users who too often just end up frustrated and ultimately give up.

Having a professional painter and Mixer Brush expert hold your hand makes a world of difference.

And by removing the frustration and enabling you to produce great results so much faster, it also makes it SO much more fun . . .

Mixer Brush composition in Photoshop
Which is why we're so excited to announce:
The Mixer Brush Mastery Method
with master painter and Mixer Brush expert Jill Johnson
Where you will learn all the most important techniques for producing amazing painterly works in Photoshop while embracing an entirely new (much more peaceful, much more enjoyable) relationship with your art . . .

Across a series 8+ follow-along lessons you will learn all of these techniques in a clear, effective, step-by-step fashion designed to help you build a solid foundation of pro-caliber painterly skills — so that you can then begin painting on your own . . . while exploring your own artistic preferences and developing your own style.

Through a carefully staged course of study, you will be learning everything you need, including:

The Optimal
PS Workspace Configuration

Mixer Brush ideal workspace layout in Photoshop
Working with the Mixer Brush is vastly easier (more efficient, more enjoyable) if you have Photoshop and your various tools all set up in the best possible way.  Jill has dialed this in for you!

The Best Mixer Brushes & Custom Settings

Best Mixer Brush settings in Photoshop
Most folks give up on the Mixer Brush because they just can't make sense of how the settings all work together and the results end up a muddy mess. Jill shows you how to master this stuff!

 Pro-Level Realistic Brush & Stylus Techniques

Best tablet and stylus Mixer Brush techniques
It should be no surprise that replicating professional painting results across a range of subjects requires wielding the right brushes in the right ways to achieve pro results!
PLUS: You Will Also Get Access to These 3 BONUSES!
To make your experience of Mixer Brush Mastery even more exciting and rewarding, you will also receive several valuable additions Jill worked up special for this launch including bonus advanced techniques and brushes!
Painting with 3D Transparent Textures
Mixer Brush ideal workspace layout in Photoshop
One of the most-requested techniques for this course, and it made it in here at the end just under the wire as a bonus! Envision being able to actually paint with personally customized 3D transparent textures to transform your painting in ways that you thought were impossible.  Jill spent years working this out.  This opens up so many rich painterly effects!
Prismatic Multi-Color Brush Technique
Best Mixer Brush settings in Photoshop
This extremely clever technique is not only fun, it's going open up a tremendous array of possibilities in your art — possibilities that not even many experienced Mixer Brush artists are taking advantage of due to the difficulties involved in understanding exactly how to set up and use a multiple color brush. (Or even the notion to try!) 
Jill's Suite of Custom Mixer Brushes!
Best tablet and stylus Mixer Brush techniques
On top of the Mixer Brushes included in the training itself (so you can follow along with each lesson), you will also receive an incredible collection of Jill's most powerful artistic brushes.  These will open up a fantastic new range of creative effects, allowing you to produce pro-caliber painterly results that might otherwise take years to figure out how to replicate.
Mixer Brush Training 60 Day Guarantee
And Let's Make This Super Easy
You Can Enjoy Jill's Mixer Brush Mastery Training  for Two Full Months FREE . . .
This is super simple.  You're going to have a full 60 DAYS to enjoy all the videos, learn all the techniques, grab all the downloads, and really explore this new and exciting approach to creating art in Photoshop . . .

And if for any reason at the end of the two months you’re not absolutely thrilled with what you've learning (and what this approach opens up to you as an artist), just send us an email and you can get every penny back!   That's how confident we are you're going to love this!

So . . . You Ready to Get Started?

click below to Grab Lifetime access to
jill johnson's mixer brush mastery
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And remember, you can totally check out this new training and see if you fall in love with the Mixer Brush the way I did and so many others are around the world . . . You can even spend a full two months enjoying it.  And if you don't find the course a delight you can get every penny back.  No fuss at all.  But if you give it a try, I think you're going to love it!

Advanced Praise for Jill's Mixer Brush Training!
"I am taking the mixer brush course from Jill Johnson.  I dabbled with the Mixer Brush before and discarded it.  But this course is absolutely shocking and changes everything . . .  To learn this from a pro artist like Jill Johnson is a game changer.
I cant believe what is possible. The best part is that I finally feel I am using Photoshop to the max.
This could be the best course I have ever taken. I feel my direction is now baked in stone."
~ David Beaubien (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"Wow! I really enjoyed Jill's training. The detailed instructions made it easy to follow and I loved working on the examples she included along the way. Working with this approach has provided hours and hours of pleasure and challenged me in the best way.  Looking forward to playing more and learning more!"
~ Helen Anne Lemke (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"I absolutely loved these tutorials. Jill explains it all so well. Seeing the visual steps in the vids made all the difference to me. Thanks so much for the course! Jill does a fantastic job as an instructor."
~ Thysje Arthur (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful painting lessons. They are absolutely fantastic. As a teacher, I appreciate Jill's step-by-step, easy to follow directions. It is amazing that she has the viewer doing higher level techniques almost immediately, and with ease no less!  The lessons are dynamic and lovely . . . and I especially like how Jill focuses on the direction of the brush strokes using the lights and darks of the painting, explaining both the how and when to use different types of strokes. I've never been taught that before and it really makes a difference, especially when doing hair or lace."
~ Janet Sipl (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"I have used the Mixer Brush for the last year or so, so I am not a total beginner ... yet I have still learnt something new through this training. A big thank you to Jill for her very comprehensive explanations and her valuable demonstrations.  Thank you very much for this course, one of the best for me."
~ Claude Trew (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"Jill’s course has been fabulous. I fell in a heap a couple of years ago, and let my painting skills slide. Her clear teaching, her interesting, effective methods, and her great choices of practice images have been the best way to get back in the saddle. There is always something to learn from any course, even if you have a reasonable level of knowledge, but Jill throws in all sorts of little tips and tricks that others don't even think of."
~ Prue Wright (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"I just wanted to say just how much I enjoyed Jill’s Mixer Brush class. Her brushes were brilliant and I picked up a few tips and tricks, which I feel elevated my digital painting to a whole other level. This has inspired me to spend days simply creating."
~ Julie Powell (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

"I have so enjoyed Jill’s classes. She is an excellent teacher — clear, easy to follow, and well-organized. She’s also extremely generous in sharing the tips and techniques that work for her, a trait some teachers seem reluctant to do. Her tutorial on 'Adding Artistic Finishing Touches' is an absolute inspiration. I’m anxious to try some of her workspace organization ideas —tips I’ve never heard before. I love to watch her as she paints, particularly how she adds her own painterly touches."
~ Dawn Thurston (AWAKE/KAIZEN Artist)

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Mixer Brush painting by Linda Lee Hall 

Mixer Brush Painting

Mixer Brush painting by Margo Raesner

Mixer Brush Painting

Mixer Brush painting by David Beaubien

Mixer Brush Painting

Mixer Brush painting by Jamie Supplee

Mixer Brush Painting

Mixer Brush painting by Thysje Arthur

Mixer Brush Painting

Mixer Brush painting by Rebecah Thompson

Mixer Brush Painting

Mixer Brush painting by Don Schiffner

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Mixer Brush painting by Nina Irvin

Mixer Brush painting by John Jones

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