“Go From Merely Editing Your Photos To Creating
Awesome Photo-Art Compositions Fit For Print & Canvas.

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Reveal the Secrets the Pros Use to Create Stunning Works of Art.”
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Since the above video was created, over 40,000 students from 93 countries around the world have enrolled in this training with internationally acclaimed instructor Sebastian Michaels. Indeed, for the past three years, fully three quarters of the artists featured in the Spring and Autumn editions of Somerset Digital Studio Magazine were students in this course.  In celebration of this, you can now get the complete course for fully $200 OFF during this limited-time promotion. So grab this wildly popular Photoshop training today!
Ready to Create the Coolest, Most Amazing Images of Your Life?
Editing your photos is fun at first … but even with Photoshop or Lightroom, fixing photos after awhile starts to get rather, well … (let’s face it) boring.

Eventually, you want to DO something with your images.
Eventually, you want to take your images and CREATE something NEW . . . something extraordinary.

Well . . . you are about to find out how.

Because if you want to attain true mastery with Photoshop and become a serious photo artist — then this is going to be the most important message you’ve ever read.
Here’s why.

Because for the first time ever, there is a Photoshop Artistry course built specifically to teach you the tricks the professionals use again and again to accomplish all of their best effects and create eye-popping compositions.

Effects like those you see in the images I created for this page, and more than a hundred other techniques as well.

You are going to learn so much from this course, it will completely transform the way you approach your photography or digital scrapbooking and how you use Photoshop.

In fact, get started right now, and in under 60 minutes you are already going to be using Photoshop to turn out richer, more intricate, more exciting compositions than you ever thought you could create.

And your art will never be the same.
The Two Most Common Challenges For Aspiring Photo-Artists:

If you aren’t creating the kind of awesome art you wish you could be turning out … my bet is that it’s a combination of two problems we’re going to correct:
1.) You are stuck on thinking of Photoshop as a tool to “fix” or “correct” or somehow “enhance” an individual image, and

2.) You just haven’t been trained on how to achieve the large-scale effects the pros are using in their compositions.

If you’re anything like I was when I was starting out, you probably love taking photos, probably even have hundreds (maybe thousands?) of them piled up on the hard drive of your computer. You probably also love doing something cool with your images using Photoshop (or maybe Lightroom or Elements). And I’m sure you can probably edit an individual photo and make it look great.
But when it comes to taking your edited photos and doing something with them, creating something stronger, more beautiful and intricate, and more important with them (something worth committing to print or canvas, and actually hanging on a wall) — that’s where I’m betting you run into real limitations.
Question is: What if you just don’t have the pro-level Photoshop chops to create more elaborate, more complex, more exciting works — how are you going to get anywhere new with your art?

Put another way:

How can you quickly pick up what you need to learn in order to GET REALLY GOOD at creating serious photo art that transcends the everyday photos you’ve been spending your time on up until now … so you can get on with creating awesome images you could legitimately frame or print to canvas?

Good questions.

Well, there’s a simple answer to both of them . . .
“Photoshop Artistry: Fine Art Grunge Composition”:
Start Learning Today With Our Exclusive Online Course … Designed To Teach You the Most Important Pro-Level Photoshop Techniques That Will Transform You Into a Serious Photo-Artist and Have You Creating Amazing Works Beyond Anything You Have Ever Accomplished Before.
Your Photography Is About To Become Amazing. In Fact, In a Very Short Time It’s Going To Become Art.
You ready for this?

You are about to learn how to create truly extraordinary works of photo art by immersing yourself in an online Photoshop workshop (with instant 24/7 access), where you are going to quickly learn how to create layered Photoshop compositions more exciting — more awesome — than anything you’ve done up to now.

You are going to learn in just your first two modules techniques I have spent years accumulating, so you can create images not only like the ones I’ve made here, but creations entirely your own, expressing your own artistic vision.
Why ‘Grunge’ Specifically?
Partly because grunge is just inherently cool, inherently “artsy.”

(Although keep in mind: “grunge” can mean different things to different people. All of the images on this page contain elements of what I think of as “grunge styling.” So you can see it covers a lot of ground really. Sometimes it’s merely the look you get from layering things in a way that makes them more complex, without necessarily making them “grungier.”)

But it’s not just that.

It’s deeper than just being “cool” or “artistic” or “edgy.”
This course is going to focus on the grunge approach because there is something immensely freeing in grunge photography, which will get you out of your current (often boring) headspace and radically expand your capacity for finding and creating serious art.

Everything doesn’t always need to be so perfect or pretty.

And in trying to make it so, you are unconsciously limiting what you can accomplish with your work.
Actually, not all of the techniques in the course will even be “grunge” techniques. But “grunge” will be the recurring theme.

Because I want you to shake off your old ways of seeing the world.

I want you to get your hands dirty.

And in doing this, I want to get you to step outside your comfort zone, take more chances, push beyond anything you have tried in the past, hold yourself to higher standards … and through inspiring you to try so many incredible new techniques and approaches, ultimately drive you to become the artist you are capable of becoming.
So Let’s Look At What I’ve Got For You Here . . .
Let’s lay it all out.
What I’m talking about is an intensive online “Photoshop Artistry” course, where you will be given immediate, exclusive 24/7 lifetime access to a private training site with four core modules featuring over SEVENTY-FIVE training videos, each culminating with exciting project ideas to inspire you to create art of your own.
You will also receive a wide range of valuable creative resources in each module to help you compose incredible works of photo art of your own right during the course — which you will then post to your very own pro-caliber online portfolio I’ll be training you on how to assemble.

In other words: You are going to get all the training and the tools to come out of this course with an incredible portfolio of creative images that will immediately make you look like a professional.

Not bad, huh?
Everything starts with the videos, and you are going to have access to over over 75 highly-polished training videos, all of them organized into four specific modules and, within those, targeting specific skill sets or categories of technique.
You will get instant lifetime access to the videos, and you can come back and view them again and again, for life, entirely at your own pace.

To make it even easier for you to master these techniques, I put all the important key commands (the shortcuts I plan to burn into your nervous system) on the screen whenever I use them.

This will help anchor in your brain and fingers the most efficient “moves” in Photoshop, not only so you try out different approaches rapidly and create something amazing in a very short time, but also so you can become highly proficient, where the interface no longer gets in the way of your creativity.

Supplementing each lesson, I’ll also give you awesome downloadable PDF cheat sheets (these things are truly amazing — everyone in the course is crazy about them), ensuring that you come away from the training in complete command of Photoshop, armed with an awesome set of notes that can inspire your work again and again whenever you find yourself stuck.
Some students have told me that the cheat sheets and image libraries and flow diagrams are, in themselves, worth the entire cost of the course.
Believe it: after this course, you will be able to make Photoshop hum the way an expert Lamborghini mechanic can make a Diablo purr.

In fact, we want to make Photoshop so comfortable to you that you instinctively wield it with such a masterful touch that the interface almost becomes invisible when you are working on an image. Why? Because I don’t want you thinking about the interface. I don’t really want you thinking about “Photoshop” even. I want you thinking about the piece of art taking shape in your mind and on the screen in front of you.

Put another way: I want you wielding the tools in Photoshop the way Rembrandt wielded his brush and palette — at turns deft and precise, or smooth and expressive, but in every instance like a MASTER.

You can count on this: the videos you go through over the next couple months are going to train you to work with the kind of efficiency, clarity, and artistry that would set you apart as a seasoned Photoshop expert in any top studio today.
[And oh, yeah. Important Note: This course works with ANY version of Photoshop. Even with Adobe Elements (fully 25 percent of the students in the course only have PSE)! Although I will be mostly working in CS6 myself, and a bit in CC 2014, it honestly doesn’t matter which version you have. You can accomplish spectacular results in this course even if you’re only using Photoshop Elements and shooting photos with your iPhone. I actually include numerous videos specific to Elements, along with PSE cheat sheets galore. So no worries. You can get by just fine with what you’re using now.]
Now the fun part. You get to USE all of this stuff to create stunning works of your own — and assemble them throughout the course into an awesome online portfolio.
I don’t want you to just go through this course watching the videos and have you say at the end, “Wow! That was a great course. This guy rocks!”

What I want is for you to really engage the course and USE the techniques and approaches you are picking up from each lesson. That’s how you OWN this stuff. Watching me take an idea, stack a dozen layers, and work a bunch of wizardry might be fun — but it’s not going to really do much for YOUR art.

Throughout this course I’m going to give you a bunch of really cool project ideas after every lesson. You won’t just be duplicating what I did. Remember, this is about finding YOUR artistic voice. I want you to take everything I do and carry it somewhere new.
The point of all this is to wake up YOUR unique genius and help you discover your OWN personal aesthetic, so you can create powerful images of your own . . . and ultimately assemble works so cool or so beautiful or so interesting that you almost feel compelled to have them printed and framed or committed to canvas — because they’re too awesome to leave just sitting in your portfolio or buried somewhere on your hard drive.
This is your chance to shine as an artist and finally bring to life your deepest artistic vision.

This is your chance to take your photography and your digital art to a whole new level.

So let’s jump in and really look at what this course is going to teach you (in detail), so you can see how much it’s going to contain and why going through it will make you into a truly outstanding artist — all while giving you the most exciting artistic experience you’ve ever had.
What You Are Going To Learn In This Course:
  • How to assemble (and properly organize) an incredible library of cool images that will form the backbone of your compositions.                                                                                                                                                                                 We’re not leaving anything to chance. You’re going to learn how to shoot cooler photos than you ever have before (you’ll learn what constitutes cool, in fact) and discover what can happen to your work when you step outside of your comfort zone and start to take risks for your art.Even Cooler Feature 
  • Amass a rich library of your own grunge backgrounds and harvest a wide variety of textures.                                             You’re going to fall in love with using textures and backgrounds in your work. Texture files are what those of us with a dictionary call ubiquitous in grunge compositions. They’re useful everywhere. But you want a wide variety to achieve a broad range of effects. 
  • Learn how the pros customize their Photoshop workspace for the most efficient access to their tools and palettes.                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you’re going to actively create with Photoshop, you need to get fast with Photoshop. The interface cannot slow you down or get in the way of the ideas you are trying to bring to life. This is where all of that starts, and you will be working like a pro.
  • Master the Brush Tool (and EVERYTHING Comes Back To The Brush Tool)                                                                               You will be using the Brush Tool constantly. Soft brushes, hard brushes, all manner of custom brushes and grunge brushes. (And all manner of Layer Masks as well.) You’re going to become masterful in your use of the Brush Tool.
  • Add the power of Blend Modes and Adjustment Layers to your work and instantly ramp up the quality of all your images.                                                                                                                                                                                           When you are combining layers, the effects you achieve almost always involve your use of Blend Modes. Add on Adjustment Layers (and Clipping Groups, often with Blend Modes of their own) and the possibilities multiply radically.
  • Layer Masks, Layer Masks, and More Layer Masks!                                                                                                                       Layer Masks are the tool you will use to control where (or to what extent) all of your other effects show up or remain obscured. You will learn more than a dozen ways to incorporate Layer Masks to achieve pro results in your work.
  • Learn to “Paint With Light” (using Layer Masks, Curves Layers, and Lighting Effects).                                                                      Think Rembrandt. Think Vermeer. The most amazing results can come from the drama in light and shadow. Here you will learn the most effective ways of lighting (or throwing shadows over) your images to create powerful results. You will even learn an amazing trick that allows you to paint with colored light, creating gorgeous saturation effects you could never hope to capture in a camera. 
  • Learn how to blast through the most essential image-correction techniques to prep images for your compositions.                                                                                                                                                                         Sometimes the images are fine as they are. Sometimes they’re not and you’re going to need to fix a color cast, remove something distracting, crop or straighten it, etc. (Also, you’ll learn here the ONLY way to Dodge & Burn like a pro.)
  • Deepen the conceptual meaning behind a work through clever uses of Typography.                                                         Words, words, words. Hamlet said it. I’m saying it too. Adding the right words to your artwork, in the right way, can instantly impart enormous depth to the composition. You’re going to learn over a dozen techniques for incorporating typography creatively in your work.
  • Enhance your images with a wide range of cool Edge Effects.                                                                                       Grunge edge effects make even regular photos look cooler. Learn half a dozen approaches to creating awesome edges for your images — and stack or combine these techniques to create hundreds of variations and limitless final effects. (And even get access to over 100 awesome layered Photoshop edge effects for both rectangular and square images, at multiple resolutions. Drop your images into the layered PSD file and immediately increase the artistic value of your compositions.)
  • Take your digital images and commit them to canvas, fine-art prints, or multi-media compositions.                                                 It’s not enough to have cool images in your digital portfolio. Your art becomes far more REAL when you see it in all its glory printed to canvas or rendered as a fine-art print on museum quality archival paper and properly framed. And even then you can go further, using your images as the centerpiece to even more elaborate (and creative) treatments involving other media, unusual framing techniques, multiple-canvas arrays, and more. We will be exploring dozens of creative ways to make your work even more unique, even more amazing, in its finished form.
  • Execute stunning image extractions to achieve otherwise impossible (or at least startlingly difficult) photographs.                                                                                                                                                                                        You can create the most incredible composites, render the most surreal effects, altogether defy the laws of physics — and make it look REAL . . . if you are armed with several go-to extraction techniques. This really makes anything possible. If you can think it up, you can probably bring it to life in your artwork.
  • OWN the Filter Gallery and use it to create diverse and unexpected results — simply by applying the right formulas.                                                                                                                                                                                               Enabling you to create photo-based compositions that look like exquisite watercolors and oils or gorgeous sketches, opening up an entirely new world of possibilities for the kinds of compositions you are able to create.
  • Learn exactly how to craft an incredible highly professional online portfolio.                                                                     Entire new module shows you all of the best options available for creating an active social portfolio as well as a serious professional portfolio site to showcase your best work. Learn how to take your portfolio site and make it into one of your finest creative expressions, and learn how to use it to position yourself to command pro-level fees for your work as an artist.
And That’s Not All. Move Quick and You Can Also Grab These …
Not only are you going to get scads of well-organized, tightly-edited training videos accompanied by cool downloadable PDF cheat sheets and working notes … but I am also going to provide several extensive Bonus Resources if you take advantage of this promotion and sign up today for Photoshop Artistry: Fine Art Grunge Composition.

These bonus materials are meant to help you get the absolute most out of the course and remove as many obstacles as we can, so you can put your attention on the techniques and the approaches I’ll be covering, turning out incredible work of your own with every assignment as you assemble your online portfolio.
  • BONUS Resource #1: My Huge Texture Library — Pro-caliber textures and overlays go a long way toward achieving the most impressive artistic effects in your compositions. You will be learning how to harvest your own grunge textures, but to get you started and ensure you have a great variety of high-res content to work with, I want to give you access to a whole bunch of mine. What’s more, you will get access to a tremendous array of the finest textures, overlays, and backgrounds — created exclusively for this course by some of the top professional designers in the field, such as Cheryl Tarrant of Distressed Textures, Kim Klassen, Parée Erica, and Keriyoo.
  • BONUS Resource #2: My Custom Brush (& Edge Effect) Library — You may not even know what a “Custom Brush” or “Edge Effect” is yet, but you will. You’re going to be using custom brushes a lot. I’ll be training you on how to create and save your own custom brush libraries, which will radically improve the quality of work you can create (and the speed at which you can pull it off). To get you started, though, I want to make sure you have a bunch of great grunge brushes in your arsenal. And you will love the immediate impression you can create when you put your composition into one of over 100 custom layered PSD file grunge edge frames you will be able to download for your work. Those are essential. So you’re getting those too.
  • BONUS Resource #3: My High-Res (Fully-Rendered) Vector Graphic Library — Vector graphics and .eps files will radically enhance the quality of your art, and in order to give you some extraordinary vector-based content to incorporate in your work right away, I’ll be giving you access to a wealth of custom vector content, already rendered in high-res for you, ready to drop into Photoshop (or Elements) and immediately elevate the “cool” factor in any of your compositions. I personally invested thousands of dollars in having these vector files designed expressly for this course by professional illustrators around the world. And you will get the entire collection for free.
  • BONUS Resource #4: Bonus Topaz & AutoFX Training Videos — Additional training added specifically for this promotion, showing you how to bring the wizardry of Topaz and AutoFX software into your works of photo artistry at a pro level, enhancing your compositions in a way that would be all but impossible with Photoshop or Adobe Elements alone.
Make no mistake. I want to put ALL of the tools and resources in your hands to help you create amazing photo art of your own.

The videos and materials and resources we provide in this course are going to bring out the best in your work and awaken in you a level of photographic artistry you may never have fully experienced until now.

The work you are creating even halfway through this course is going to be beyond anything you can probably imagine yourself creating now.

If you’re a pro already, the compositions you are going to be creating here will have you selling more of your work than ever (and at higher prices than ever).

If you’re not a pro yet, you are going to find yourself well on your way toward becoming one.

Because this course will teach you that too.

And you can be sure: wherever you are in your career now, by the end of this course, your art is going to knock people flat.
”I’ve been crazy about photography for years, but I never really got past seeing photos as … well, photos. Learning to treat my work this seriously and learning to take my photos and turn them into real art — honestly, it is nothing short of a revelation. This changes everything
Katie F.
”I am blown away by this Photoshop course. You just don’t see this kind of training anywhere. I’ve got ALL the books, and I’ve been through all sorts of training online. No one is teaching this stuff. Not like this.”
Jake H.
”God, I love this stuff! I don’t know when I’ve had this much fun with my camera and with Photoshop. I’m up all night with it, and I’m seeing my work improve tenfold. Heck, TWENTYfold. After wandering with my photography for so long (and getting a bit bored by it all), I finally feel alive again. More passionate to CREATE than ever before. This course is beyond exciting.”
Carey S.
How Much Does Something Like This Cost?
How much would an art education like this be worth? Even a basic college course (nowhere near as cool as this) would set you back at least two grand. A live workshop covering this much content would cost at least a grand. But I’m not even going to ask you for anywhere close to that amount.
With all of the new content and added bonuses, this course is currently $397. But if you move on this right now, you can get it for much lower than that. Scroll down and you will spot a big orange button below the 60-Day Guarantee. Just click the big orange button …

... and you can get into the course right now, with lifetime access, at fully two hundred dollars off during this special promotion — making it only $197  — if you grab the course today!

I’m betting you’ve probably spent more than that on some piece of photography gear you haven’t used in months. (Or if you haven’t yet, I bet you’ve at least got something more expensive than this on your list to buy, even though you know it’s not going to radically change the quality of your work or revolutionize your life as an artist.)
We’re talking here about training you to become a serious photo artist — perhaps even getting you to the point of being able to sell your work for real money. Think about it. You could recoup your entire investment on this course with a single 10″ canvas print. Barely even trying. Fact is, that one canvas could double, triple, even quadruple your investment.
And here you are getting the whole course (which you can start immediately and work through at your own pace and return to as often as you like, forever) and all of the Bonuses — for less than what you might lay out in one weekend just goofing off.

Heck, college students drop more than this on one lame textbook they end up shoving under their bed and never look at again.

Here you are going to have access to an amazing one-of-a-kind Photoshop course, chock full of amazing training videos covering all of the coolest (and most important) techniques for creating pro-quality images and artistic compositions.
You are also going to be set up with all manner of awesome bonus content that will enable you to start creating cool artwork immediately, and you are going to be able to come back to the site and review any of the videos as often as you like, either to refresh your memory about something or to inspire a new direction with a piece that you can’t seem to push over the edge.

This is your chance. Don’t miss out. Join what is now over 40,000 other students worldwide already having a blast in this course, and take your art to a new level. And all at entirely no risk whatsoever! Look:

Unconditional 60-Day No-Risk
100% Money Back Guarantee

You have no risk in joining this course. If, for any reason, anytime in the next TWO MONTHS, you decide you are not thrilled with what you are learning, just ask and you can get 100% of your money back. No hassles, no hard feelings. You can take advantage of the entire course, learn everything here, start creating amazing new work — and if you’re not blown away, you get every penny back. I will personally take all the risk. I’m that confident you’re going to love it.
Get Started Right Now
and Begin Creating Incredible Art Today
Face it. If you’re still reading this, you KNOW that this course is right for you. It’s connecting with you on some level.
I know that for me, this is the exact course I wish I had been able to find when I was first getting serious about photography and Photoshop. These were the techniques I wanted in my arsenal. And the idea of creating serious works of art and having them professionally framed or put on canvas (much less the idea of selling my work in a serious way) . . . If I had come across a course that could train me on THAT, I would have been all over it, without hesitation.

Don’t miss out on this. Make the decision to elevate your art and step up your game.

You have SO MUCH incredible artistry buried within you.
This course could help you tap into that and bring it to life.
Sign up and you can start watching videos over at the site immediately. You will get INSTANT ACCESS, and within your first hour you could be creating incredibly cool photo-art compositions of your own!
And Don’t Forget All of the BONUSES You’re Going To Get If You Sign Up TODAY: Over 8 Gigabytes of Pro-Designed Content You Can Use In Your Compositions — All With Full Commercial Rights!
  • Huge Library of Textures, Overlays, and Backgrounds (including exclusive content from professional designers including Distressed Textures, Kim Klassen, Parée Erica, and Keriyoo).Even Cooler Feature
  • Awesome Grunge Custom Brush Library and Layered PSD Edge Effect Arsenal (providing you with literally hundreds upon hundreds of variations).
  • Mammoth Library of Exquisite High-Res Vector Graphics (which I commissioned from professional designers around the world for thousands of dollars, but you will be able to enjoy for free).
  • Special AutoFX and Topaz Additional Training (assembled expressly for this promotion, to ensure that you are not only mastering Photoshop or Elements, but learning the best ways to bring AutoFX and Topaz software into the mix).
There is simply isn't any other Photoshop course like this anywhere.  So take action and sign up today. This is going to be the most exciting thing to happen to you in years. It’s going to completely transform how you see the world and how you approach your photography, and it is going to inspire you to create the greatest images of your life.

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PPS: Something else exciting — when you grab this course, you are stepping into a thriving, supportive creative community of students just like you. The enthusiasm is truly overwhelming. Just check out some of the reviews below:
“I’m not new to Photoshop, so some of the initial videos cover things I’m familiar with already, and I’m tempted to skip over them, but I’ve noticed that I’m now using keyboard shortcuts — something I NEVER do! This has to be a direct result of seeing and hearing them over and over in the videos. (A really good argument NOT to skip any of the lessons). I honestly did not even consider that this was something I would get from this course. I’ve been a diehard mouse/menu person for as long as I can recall. It seems odd to know shortcut commands all of the sudden without having put any effort into actually learning them. I gotta say, I’m thrilled with my new ‘talents’ already! As far as course content goes, you’re doing a superb job, both in WHAT you’re teaching and HOW you’re teaching it, with excellent video quality to boot. PS: I can’t tell you how much your comments help keep the second-guessing at bay. Aside from the brilliant content you’re teaching, it’s the subtle ‘push’ you offer us that imparts a courage to move ahead, to try something new, that I am finding so invaluable. It’s exactly what I needed!
-Melissa W.
“When I first started watching the videos for the Photoshop Artistry Grunge course with Sebastian Michaels, I realized right away this was much more than just a class to create art pieces with Photoshop. The techniques are PERFECT for digital scrappers. Since I design products for digital scrappers, and am a pro digital scrapper myself, I immediately saw that Sebastian was teaching valuable techniques that digital scrappers could bring into their layouts. I would highly recommend this class to digital scrappers, and for a myriad of reasons — such as learning how to become better acquainted with Photoshop and its tools, mastering wonderful techniques that can easily be used in digital scrapping, and acquiring the truly amazing inspiration you get from Sebastian. As a bonus, you’ll be making some incredible new friends in the class too, artists who not only provide support and encouragement but who will also inspire you in so many ways. It’s very exciting.”
-J. Mead
This is the BEST course I have ever taken. The instructional videos are excellent and extensive. The course includes copious bonus materials (grunge backgrounds, overlays, brushes etc), and new material is added frequently. I have gained new skills and created compositions that only a few weeks ago would have been impossible for me to achieve. I cannot speak highly enough of this course. Sebastian is a great teacher and offers positive feedback, guidance and encouragement to those participating in the course. If you want to improve your Photoshop skills and start producing creative compositions, I strongly urge you to take this course!
“I am TOTALLY loving the information on Photoshop and the way you present it. I have already done quite a few on line courses and yours is right up there as your audio is great, your instructions are precise – and there is no presumption that I already know so much – and your visual directions are so easy to follow. I am lapping it up and can’t wait to apply it to my own images. I’m SO pleased I signed up!!
-Lynda F.
“I have worked extensively with Photoshop, but only to edit photos. There is still so much to learn. This course is very inspiring and I can see so many possibilities for creating beautiful art. I am really very excited to learn all you have to provide. Your work is amazing.”
-Catherine R.
“This is my first attempt at photo art using the principles taught by my friend Sebastian Michaels in his new Photoshop Artistry Course. I’ve barely begun the course, so I still have a long way to go. But this is already a ton of fun!
-Phil Steele
“Thanks for the awesome Photoshop Class! Love the videos, you’re a fantastic teacher.”
-John S.
“Having a great time! Just not getting much sleep. Ha!”
-Robert G.
“Just when I think the class can’t get any better, it does!”
-J. Russell
“This course is incredible. Your expertise and enthusiasm shines through every video. I’m delighted.”
Ann P.
-Ann P.
“Sebastian’s Photoshop Artistry on-line course is unbelievably good value for money, and the additional awesome content just keeps coming, and coming. I have learned more about Photoshop in the last two weeks, than I have in the past five years. Sebastian’s delivery and understanding of the subject matter is the best I have ever experienced in any on-line course I have ever subscribed to. My only challenge now is to work out how I can get through my busy day with less sleep, because I am totally addicted to these new found skills. Photography has just taken on a totally new meaning in my life.”
-A. Phillips Murray
“I sit there watching you add layer after layer, effect after effect, and you end up with a mind-blowing comp! I didn’t take a single note during that video. I just watched in awe!
-Jim R.
“I am thoroughly enjoying your Training Course, and Method of Presentation – to be honest, I have not experienced this quality of professionalism in any of the on-line training courses that I have attended to date. I have learned so much already – It is like Photoshop on Steroids. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you are doing shines through in your presentation style, and it is honestly a pleasure to just sit back and absorb your in-depth knowledge on this subject.”
-Athol P.
“Just wanted to take a moment to say “Thanks much!” for offering this course. I LOVE it. I’m fairly well grounded in Photoshop, but the shortcuts and techniques you have provided in just the first module have already ramped up my effectiveness at improving my images by at least 60%. I’ve been an amateur photographer for close to 50 years, off and on, and my fondest dream has been to be able to turn my photos into actual ART. Whether it’s well-received art or not is unimportant – what matters the most to me is that I am able to have a vehicle that allows me to unleash my creative spirit. And for the first time in my life, I am feeling both excited and confident that that goal is actually attainable for me. Your guidance so far has been nothing short of excellent, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your skills. You have no idea of how jazzed I am at plowing through the rest of the material you are providing, and using it to feed my muse! Rock on!”
-Lyle J.
“Your course is probably the best and most informative and easy to follow that I have attended. I am getting so much from it. Not only for grunge photo work but also just general editing. When I look at my edited photos now, they really have been taken to another level with the skills learned here. Love the cheat sheets too. Thanks so much!”
-Steven S.
“So inspirational. Very impressed with the way things are presented and explained in the course. Thank you!!!”
-Heather S.
“You are doing a superb job, both in WHAT you’re teaching and HOW you’re teaching it, with excellent video quality to boot!”
-Melissa W.
“Fabulous! So enjoying this already!”
-Helen N.
“I wanted to thank you for one of the best courses on making art from photography that I have ever purchased.“
-Michael M.
“Loving the course videos. Great stuff.”
-Jai H.
“Thank you for creating this amazing class! It is really amazing how much my understanding of photoshop has increased, even after watching fewer than half the videos! I secretly feel like a photoshop ninja and can only imagine what it’ll be like after watching the rest.”
-Andrei T.
“This course is wonderful. Well worth every penny!!!”
-L. Jacobsen Kemmer
-Viv H.
“The course is terrific — well structured and your delivery is first class, and I’m pleased to be part of it. Like all courses and all training, the more you put in the more you get out, but you need a good course and trainer to start with.”
-J. Turnbull
“This course is great. Almost addicting.”
-Scott D.
“I’m a happy student and you are a great and responsive teacher, keep up the great work, I highly recommend this course, cheap at double the price!!!
-Jerry A.
“I am having SO much fun with this course.”
-Zilpa V.
“So loving the course. Just what I have been looking for!”
V. Halliwell
“I have been enjoying the course enormously. This is just brilliant stuff… Just excellent… Thanks, Sebastian.”
-I. Sarg
“I have gotten SO MUCH out of your course. Thanks!!”
-S. Benintende.
“I honestly don’t know how you have the time to create the course material and review and comment on the work we all send you. However you do it, THANK YOU!!!”
-Robert G..
Loving these videos! My creative juices are actually starting to flow and I am starting to look at things differently when I photograph. Haven’t ever really gotten that out of all of the “hundreds” of photography videos and books I have watched and read over the past couple of years. Thank you so much for this!!!
-K. Tewksbury
“Really enjoying the course – one of the best I’ve taken!”
-H. Whitaker
“This is sooo much fun thank you for teaching this in a way that makes it so enjoyable.”
-S. Masterson
“One of THE best courses I have ever signed up for – there is just so much information and Sebastian is a brilliant teacher. So happy I found this.”
-L. Fletcher
“I purchased the course the other day, and I’m loving it. I’ve taught Photoshop for over 15 years, and this is the first course I’ve experienced to focus on creating art.”
-Stephen N.
“SO loving the course!”
-V. Halliwell
“I am simply in awe of this course! You are putting so much in for us to learn … And while much you give us early on is elementary, the other content is very advanced (which simply means people with very little PS experience can learn right alongside the rest of us). I can’t imaging how much a person would have to pay to get this much Photoshop training elsewhere. But I would guess it would be $500 – $1000 easily! I can’t begin to express my gratitude. What I paid for this course is a pittance compared to what I’m learning. And you have only just begun…unbelievable! I am so fortunate to have heard about this course.”
-J. Ruse
“I must tell you that you are the most inspiring instructor of any course (on-line or otherwise) that I’ve ever taken. You have touched a part of me that I never knew existed, and I’m loving it. Thanks you so much for what you are doing!”
-Barry R.
“Your course is just blowing my socks off!!!!! Thank you so much.”
-Mitchell G.
Best content of any course that I’ve taken … In fact, it’s clearly the best set of tutorials I’ve seen on the internet. It’s packed with value and the instructor is fabulous. Great value and great teacher too! I’m addicted!!”
-B. Rosenfeld
“You’re doing a great job of openly sharing your expertise! Your enthusiasm is contagious. The videos are engaging, with just the right amount of detail, and the instructional progression is logical and each segment builds on the prior. I’m learning so much, and am inspired to keep trying things outside my comfort zone.”
-C. King
“Can I first thank you for such a wonderful course … the amount of effort you are putting into it and the level of communication you give … You have completely changed the way I think of photography and have really inspired me. Thanks for a brilliant course at such a very, very good price!!!”
-P. Paulden
“This is the most excited I’ve been in years when it comes to my photography and my use of Photoshop. There for a long time I was just in a rut. This has shocked me into action and elevated my entire approach to working with my images. And it’s so fun. It’s hard to break away from my computer long enough to even grab something to eat.”
-Dayne B.
“I am voraciously consuming this course. It is amazing. You are an amazing teacher, and I am having so much fun and learning more about Photoshop than I ever dreamed of knowing. Thanks for all you do. I’m a student for life!
-Jim R.
“This is one of the most interesting courses I’ve ever found. Thank you Sebastian.”
-Chris M.
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