The Internationally Acclaimed Elite Photoshop Course "AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life"
"Master Photoshop and Begin Living the Rich, Creative, Artistic Life You've Always Dreamed Of Living (Even If You're Still Working Your Way Through Photoshop Artistry)"
AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life
If you've ever wished to live and create like a pro artist ...

This is your chance.

Because today you can join in on the most exciting, most expansive photo artistry training available anywhere in the world.

You can learn to tap into your imagination in new ways, take more joy from each day of your life, and create art like the most passionate photo artists on the planet.

Because as the thousands of dedicated "AWAKE" students will tell you: 

If you wish to live an exciting artistic life . . . this experience is truly something you simply cannot afford to miss.

Read on, and you'll see that it really is no exaggeration to say that AWAKE will transform your life forever.
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Everything Is About to Change For You
Enrolling in "AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life" goes far beyond anything you might normally expect of an online Photoshop course.

Because what it really is ... is an EXPERIENCE like no other.

One you will be talking about the rest of your life.

As you'll see further on, the bulk of this page consists of hundreds of wildly enthusiastic testimonials from students in AWAKE who have seen it truly transform their lives.

Going through AWAKE, students spark their creativity in ways they never knew they could, and acquire tremendous new levels of competence (and authentic confidence) as artists.

Many of the students of AWAKE have already gone on to launch professional art careers ...

Other AWAKE artists have staged their first gallery exhibitions and gotten their work displayed and sold ...

And hundreds of students in the course have sparked a worldwide sensation with our acclaimed magazine Living the Photo Artistic Life and our gorgeous online portfolio site ArtBoja — both devoted exclusively to showcasing their talents around the world and helping them sell their work.

And if you are visiting this page, YOU now have an opportunity to jump in on this course as well, before enrollment closes again ... likely until 2019.

This is YOUR chance to take your Photoshop Artistry training to a whole other level …

This is YOUR chance to truly begin living the amazing creative life you were meant to live.

And it can all start for you TODAY.
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Image by AWAKE artist Dale Botha
What is “AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life” all about? And how is it different from the original Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge course?
First thing to understand is that AWAKE builds on the original Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge course (you must already be enrolled there) … but then carries it much, much further.

FAR more coaching and training.

FAR more extensive in-depth, layer-by-layer, technique-by-technique video tutorials.

FAR more pro-designed content and pro model photos, all with full commercial licensing.

FAR more training and insight on achieving pro-caliber results (and on building a pro portfolio, even a pro career).

FAR more community, FAR more opportunity, FAR more excitement and passion.
Why "AWAKE"?
It just seemed to be the perfect name.

I chose to call this experience “AWAKE” because everything going into this new training comes down to WAKING UP. It's all about awakening and becoming more creative and alive.

It’s about waking up to all the possibilities and all the beauty around you.

It’s about waking up your imagination, waking up your vitality, waking up your inspiration … and finding your unique artistic voice.

It’s also about putting aside your self-doubts, shaking off procrastination, and attaining clarity in your ambitions as an artist.

Ultimately, the "AWAKE" experience is about creating real magic.

Not only in the art you produce for print or canvas, but in who you are becoming through your art.

And we are going to do all of that


By making your creative work as an artist a more present, more meaningful, more powerful part of your life.

And here’s how we make that happen:

We immerse you in a rich, abundant, exciting artistic life — through …
Image by AWAKE artist Linda Treleaven
Image by AWAKE artist Lauren Martin
“I want to see you AWAKE — in a way that not one in ten thousand people around you is awake.  Awake and alive. Present. Mindful. Living with more excitement, more enthusiasm, more passion than ever before. Creating a rich, imaginative, inspired life — intentionally.”

- Sebastian Michaels
Image by AWAKE artist Kate Crossley
Image by AWAKE artist Kate Crossley
25 Core Training Sessions Over the Next Twelve Months —
Heaped With Expert-Level Photoshop Instruction, Artistic Inspiration, and a Veritable WEALTH of Pro-Designed Content
"AWAKE" consists of 25 core sessions, which are made up of hundreds of training videos and literally over $50,000 in custom pro-designed bonus content commissioned (and secured exclusively with extended commercial licensing) for the students in this course.

The AWAKE sessions come out twice a month.  But when you enroll on January 1st, you'll actually receive the first two sessions immediately, then new sessions on the 1st and 15th of each month through the end of the year. 

But remember, you can totally go at your own pace.  You have lifetime access to all of this.  And because of just how huge this course is, many of our AWAKE artists deliberately spread it out over two years or more.

The material itself you will find absolutely first-rate, and you’ll learn a ton.

But I want you to be able to really take it in and put it to use in your own work, particularly if you are also going through the original Photoshop Artistry course at the same time.

I want the sessions to feel leisurely and thoughtful, yet I also want to inspire you, and have you immediately be able to start creating the best work of your life, for the sheer joy of it.

A portion of each session specifically focuses on the primary themes of the course:

Living a more present, more mindful, more passionate and exciting life, filled with boundless creativity.

And on top of that, to further inspire you along the way, and to get you creating at a truly professional level, each session also includes a number of training videos showing you new techniques (and combinations of techniques) you can begin to employ in your work.

Each of these will walk you step-by-step (and layer by layer) through precisely how professional digital artists created some of their best published works.

You’re going to love this part of the training.

Because what I am doing here is literally paying professional artists to share exactly how they created their most amazing works of art.

Every step, every technique, every effect, every move in post-production.

All while bringing in a wealth of additional tips and suggestions and bits of added training along the way.

This is going to bring you real insight into exactly how pro artists create their most serious works of art.

You will then be able to take those techniques and approaches and begin incorporating them in your own work.
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Tutorial Image from the AWAKE Training
“The AWAKE tutorials are top notch.  I invested over $1,500 each month to secure this one-of-a-kind insider training for you.  It's that good." 

"So imagine what it will be like, being trained at this level — exploring every step, every layer of works by dozens of professional artists — seeing exactly how their finest compositions were created.

"And through it all, I will be there guiding you, technique by technique, layer by layer, weaving in all the additional training ... and all the while linking back to the core training in the original Photoshop Artistry course as needed, in case you need to review anything.”

- Sebastian Michaels
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Just a Few Tutorials from AWAKE — Each an Extensive Multi-Video Exploration of Every Layer Behind These Stunning Works of Pro Photo Artistry.
And "AWAKE" Goes Further:  It Also Brings You an Absolute Treasure Trove of Pro-Designed Content Every Month
(with Full Extended Commercial Licensing!)
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Image by AWAKE artist Sherri Reed
“The amount of content you receive in AWAKE is actually quite staggering."

"I've invested over $50,000 to secure and license this custom content for you ...
And it’s all YOURS as part of this program —
to employ in your compositions, with full extended commercial licensing." 

"Fact is, you could very easily never buy another piece of content again.  Because you're going to have all you could need here.”

- Sebastian Michaels
Above and beyond the dozens of expert-level tutorials you'll get to enjoy, each of the 25 core sessions will also come with its own treasure trove of pro-designed bonus content and pro photography you will be able to download and use in your work.

This kind of material — crafted by the industry's elite designers and several top photographers — can make a tremendous difference in the results you obtain in your compositions.

What's more, all of this content is exclusive to AWAKE, and it all comes with full extended commercial licensing — meaning you can use it however you like when creating work you can then go on to publish, exhibit, and sell.

And we're not talking just a little content here.  We're talking a STACK of substantial sets of pro content included with the release of each and every new session.

So literally HUNDREDS of amazing sets of pro-designed content . . .

* Textures and Backgrounds
* Overlays and Masks
* Custom Brushes
* Lighting Effects
* High-res pro photography, model photos, and more.

Seriously.  When you start looking through the content pages in the course, you’re going to be knocked flat by both the quality and the sheer quantity of material you receive as an AWAKE artist.
And Then There's the Magazine Each Month.
AND Your Complimentary Online Portfolio Site.

As part of AWAKE, you will also be allowed to submit your best work for inclusion in the monthly magazine (available in both digital and print editions):  Living the Photo Artistic Life.
Tutorial image by AWAKE artist Gail Edwards
Seeing your work published in Living the Photo Artistic Life is a privilege exclusive to students in AWAKE, and one that will help you get your work seen by tens of thousands of art enthusiasts around the world.

And here's the thing ...

Working each month to get your best compositions published in the magazine brings even more excitement to the journey you're on, and the pride of being chosen (and the excitement of holding an actual copy of the magazine in your hands) can't be overstated.

And what's really great is that you come to know the artists you see being published, because you're working right alongside them every month.

Also, the magazine also helps bring attention to your online portfolio — which could be on your own site, or can be set up for free on our gorgeous portfolio platform ArtBoja.

As a member of the "AWAKE" group, you'll be able to showcase (and even SELL) all your best work on your very own online ArtBoja portfolio, which we then help promote for you all over the world, not only online but even potentially in actual galleries.
Quite Simply, This Is FAR More Than Just a Photoshop Course
It's an opportunity to live a passionate creative life.
In a nutshell, what you can expect to find when you join AWAKE looks like this . . .
  • Vigorous, enthusiastic coaching on living a more mindful, more inspired artistic life. This is where you tap into the best within you and make your life and your work truly extraordinary.
  • The perfect accompaniment to the Photoshop Artistry course, with extensive videos exploring new ideas and new approaches every two weeks. This is all about you attaining mastery, about getting really, really good at creating photo art while evolving your own style.

  • In-depth training on precisely how pro artists create their best published works. This is going to be some of the most exciting content, where I take you step by step through how top pros created their best works.
  • Superb pro-designed materials with every release (textures, overlays, masks, brushes, fonts, even photography). This is the exclusive content I am paying designers to create for you to use in your compositions. All of it with full commercial licensing.
  • All manner of extra resources, training, and tools. Not only cheat sheets and notes you can print out and MP3 files you can download from the core sessions, but also a broad range of added materials and presets and bonus training on everything from Lightroom to NIK Filters and Topaz Plugins … all to equip you to be the most skilled artist you can become.
  • Then also there's the magazine each month — an opportunity to see your work published, with worldwide exposure.
  • And there's also your online ArtBoja portfolio — giving you the ability to promote yourself and even sell your prints.
  • AND there's the amazing camaraderie of other "AWAKE" artists all over the world, sharing art and ideas and critiques and all manner of experiences over on our private Facebook groups.
      Image by AWAKE artist Carmen Kern
      Tutorial Image by AWAKE artist Phil Clark
      And Then, To Make the Experience Even More Exciting ...
      We have FIVE Awesome AWAKE Bonuses For You!
      Special AWAKE Bonus #1
      Join AWAKE Today and Get FREE Access to the Powerful New Program:
      “21 Days To Creative Abundance”
      This past year we saw the release of the exciting new “21 Days To Creative Abundance” course, and as a member of AWAKE you will be given FREE access to the complete training series.

      This means 21 days of videos, emails, audio files, and even text messages — all orchestrated to coach you to a higher level of creative productivity, eliminating habits that are holding you back, establishing new habits that will make you more highly focused and actively creative …

      Just as if I were personally sitting down with you each day for three weeks to help you get your creative life on track like never before.

      Normally $74 itself, you get this exhilarating course FREE as a bonus for enrolling in AWAKE. And what’s more, I’m giving you special access allowing you to go through the entire 21-Day course as many times as you like.

      And because of the way I’ve configured it, you will be able to activate your 21 Days whenever you choose (it’s totally your call), and you’ll be able to work through the entire series again, anytime you wish to give your artistic life a boost, using each trip through to propel you further along your artistic journey.

      This is just one more way I wish to make AWAKE even more awesome for you.

      You’ll get access to this added training as an exciting bonus if you sign up for AWAKE today, and you’ll be able to use it to substantially accelerate your development and push through whatever has been holding you back in the past.
      Special AWAKE Bonus #2
      Join AWAKE Today and You Will Also Qualify for the New Program of AWAKE Coaching.
      As a member of AWAKE, you will also get access to our incredibly enthusiastic and active private Facebook group, where you can share your work, get creative critiques, and be inspired every day.

      But this year (for the first time) we are also going to have over two dozen talented AWAKE alumni involved with the new group, acting as AWAKE Coaches throughout the year, helping you get the absolute most out of the program.

      This means you’ll not only enjoy more care and your work receive more attention from highly talented artists, but you’ll have the encouragement and critiques so critical when you are first starting to produce art at this level.
      Meet Some of Your "AWAKE" Coaches . . .
      We have over two dozen AWAKE alumni coaches lined up to help you make the most of your journey through 2019. Having these seasoned artists lending encouragement and guidance in the months ahead will enhance your experience many, many times over.

      Here are three short videos to introduce you to just a few of the coaches who will be assisting you and providing even more inspiration over the months ahead  …
      AWAKE Coach
      August Naude
      "This is not 'training.'
      AWAKE is a way of living. Your life will never be the same again."
      AWAKE Coach
      Nicole Wilde
      "If you’re serious about taking that next step and giving a voice to that inner artist who’s begging to be let out, this is THE best gift you could give yourself."
      AWAKE Coach
      Tony Stephenson
      "How glad I made the decision to enroll in AWAKE: it has been a fascinating journey and my life is filled with newfound enthusiasm and pure joy at my growing artistic skills."
      Special AWAKE Bonus #3
      Join AWAKE Today and You'll Receive

      Mystical Light FX Software

      With 16 Pro Lighting Special Effects
       for an Endless Range of Creative Results
      Bonus Auto FX Software
      Dramatic lighting can elevate virtually every composition you create.  In fact, any serious photographer or photo artist will tell you that great lighting can ultimately make an image and ultimately prove the one element that pushes it over the top.

      Which is why I'm so excited to able to include the "Mystical Light FX" software by Auto FX — FREE to everyone enrolling in AWAKE.

      When you sign up, you'll receive a link to grab lifetime access to this amazing set of lighting effects, as well as a special training video I've created to help you make the most of adding this tool to your arsenal.

      With "Mystical Light FX" (which can be run as a plugin right within Photoshop), you'll have access to 16 different special lighting effects.  You'll be able to apply these either to the entire photo or just to the areas you wish with the built-in Brush-On / Brush-Off tools or with the extraordinary "T-Path" tool — allowing you to move, expand, and adjust the precise position of each lighting effect and stream it across the image to naturally blend into the scene.  Each T-path even has its own atmospherics and light beam settings, giving you immense control over exactly how you cast various lighting sources over your images.

      What's more, the Auto FX "Light Casting Technology" works at the pixel level (!), and because of this yields truly natural looking lighting.

      This software is normally 90 bucks in itself. 

      But when you join AWAKE today, you'll be getting it FREE. 
      Special AWAKE Bonus #4
      Join AWAKE Today and Get FREE Access to the Bonus Training:

      “Earning a Lucrative Income Through Commercial Photo Artistry”!
      Not all the art you create will really be suited to fine art print or canvas.  (Not everything works as "decor.") 

      But SO much of what you create will be perfectly appropriate to a wide range of commercial uses — on websites, in advertising campaigns, on product packaging, in various print materials . . .

      And all of these can be incredibly lucrative.  Not to mention fun and rewarding.

      Fact is, landing the right business clients and producing the right kinds of material to help them improve their look and their marketing can make a huge difference to them.  Which is why, with training in the right creative approaches, this skill set can be so valuable to you.    
      This brand new training will ultimately sell for several hundred dollars itself — but for everyone currently in AWAKE and everyone entering the 2019 group, I’m including this training for you completely FREE, right within the AWAKE course itself as the year unfolds.

      Selling a single canvas can easily recoup your entire investment in AWAKE.

      Landing one single client can more than recoup your entire investment in AWAKE many, many times over.

      And I want to make that possible for you.
      Special AWAKE Bonus #5
      Join AWAKE Today and You'll Also Get FREE Access to the Brand New (and Much-Anticipated) Bonus Training:
      “Quill & Camera”!
      Just recently I've begun rolling out my brand new training "Quill & Camera" (named after my blog), which brings together creative photography and creative writing in some clever new ways.

      This training will tie in beautifully with the rest of the AWAKE training, bringing it a whole additional layer of possibilities.

      Learning to combine your new photo artistry skills with various approaches to writing will not only make the journey all the more exciting, but should also open up a whole world of fresh creative expression.

      You're going to find yourself thinking (and creating) in ways you never would have imagined.

      And you're going to be turning out work more exciting (and perhaps more meaningful) than anything you've ever done.

      This training will ultimately sell separately for at least 200 dollars itself.  But as a member of AWAKE, you get access to it first, and you get it totally FREE.

      So!  Are You Ready?
      This is your chance to step into a creative environment like you’ve never before experienced.

      Everything is about to change for you. 

      Starting today.

      In fact, joining the AWAKE group is  going to make everything more vibrant and exciting as your new creative life unfolds across the months ahead.
      And there is truly NO RISK whatsoever in trying this out.
      Because you have a 6-MONTH 100% Money Back Guarantee.
      That's THE REST OF THE YEAR to try it out and decide if you love it!
      Seriously.  You have a SIX FULL MONTHS to check out the entire AWAKE course, enjoy all the training, download all the bonuses, and see for yourself just how incredible this experience will be for you.

      And if for any reason you decide it's not as amazing as it is described here (and true to everything attested to in the dozens and dozens and dozens of testimonials on this page), all you need to do is email us and we'll refund you every penny.  It's that simple.

      You are completely protected by a 6-Month No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

      But if you're here, you are already in the Photoshop Artistry course, and you've no doubt been seeing the stunning magazine we produce every month — so you must already know that this is going to be amazing.
      6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
      Sorry — Enrollment Closed.
      Request to be added to the wait list at:
      Note:  You DO need to first be enrolled in the Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge course in order to qualify for enrollment in AWAKE.  The whole AWAKE experience is built upon the Photoshop Artistry training (and actually makes going through it all the more exciting and rewarding).  So if you're considering AWAKE but not yet in Photoshop Artistry, click here to sign up there first.  Or if you're just not entirely sure, simply email us at and we can check that you're enrolled there, and send you a new login.
      PS: You really do want to move fast on this. If you are serious about your photo artistry, this is where you are going to want to be in the year ahead. But because of licensing issues on the pro-designed content you will be getting in this course, we can only take a very limited number of new students. And with over 16,000 other  students enrolled in the original Photoshop Artistry course, that means only a very small fraction can make it into AWAKE.  So take this opportunity.  You have no risk, with the rest of the year to try it all out and see for yourself why this group has taken the world by storm.  This is your chance.  And you are going to love it.
      PPS:  And remember, you get lifetime access to all the content in this course as it’s released. Which means you can totally go at your own pace, working through the AWAKE training right alongside the original Photoshop Artistry course, and return as often as you like to review the material, grab the bonus content, or just get inspired.

      I sincerely hope you will join us.

      This can truly be the year you break through whatever has been holding you back.

      The year you step up — the year you WAKE UP — and begin living the passionate artistic life you deserve.

      I’m looking forward to seeing you on the journey ahead of us in the rest of 2019.

      Let’s make something magnificent happen.

      – Sebastian
      Curious What Some of Our Current AWAKE Students Have to Say
      About the Experience?
      Image by AWAKE Artist LouAnn Goodrich
      In life, there are forks in the road, where you choose a direction to go that will ultimately change your life . . . I made that turn in the road over 2 years ago to be AWAKE and live the Photo Artistic Life as taught by Sebastian Michaels. I have gained skills and courage, and have built a substantial portfolio of work during that time. Add the encouragement and support received from this community of artists — there’s no where else I can imagine being. It has been an incredible journey for me through both the Photoshop Artistry and now the AWAKE courses. Without a doubt, I can honestly say – it HAS changed my life.

      — Catherine King

      “I still remember the day I took a chance and signed up for AWAKE – a life-changing decision! 
      I cannot imagine how I lived without a grand passion! Sebastian you have touched so many lives! Hope you know – really know – how much good you’ve done.”

      — JoAnn Wilmot
      So much has been written above about how amazing AWAKE is. It truly, truly is. I have found not only inspiration but real friendship. It is a course, yes, but also an experience. And a lifelong experience. You will find that you begin to see your whole world differently, doors open to whole new worlds that you can create. This year I have really begun to carve out a career for myself as a direct result of AWAKE. I have had the courage to constantly keep pushing myself. In AWAKE your voice is heard. You are a part of something.”

      — Caroline Julia Moore

      “I debated joining AWAKE the first year and missed the deadline, so last year I signed up immediately, and it has been the most creative and life changing year of my life!!! I was concerned about having the time to participate, but the best part of the program is that I can go at my own pace. The classes and the materials are fantastic and the core training keeps me motivated to lead an ‘artistic life.’ It has been, it is, and it continues to be, an incredible experience for me.”

      — Bill Thomson

      “I went from not knowing what a clipping mask was or what blend modes did to selling art and having art published in less than one year. It is worth every single penny and then some. AWAKE is the most amazing gift I ever gave to myself!

      — Leslie Lamb Schrader-Fagnan
      Image by AWAKE Artist Pam Henderson
      Never have I seen a course that just kept growing like this one — started out as a great course and continued getting better, Better, BETTER. All that and friends all over the world, too!”

      — Elaine Hodgkins

      "My entire life has changed.  I wanted to give examples but there are too many ... Because actually everything has changed. My boys say I have changed for the better, they say I am much more calm, having more patience. When my wife returns from work it is almost always with a 'Wow, you did great!'  This is the thing: AWAKE became a 24x7 way of life (even the way I go to bed and get up, the way I sleep...)!  Add in the 21 Days to Creative Abundance, add in the Facebook group and the coaching (so much of which taking place on a 1-1 basis outside of Facebook), add in all the new friendships, the successes which outnumber the lows by far ... and one has no alternative but to say WOW!!!"

      — Gus Naude
      “Sebastian, I can’t thank you enough for everything you are doing for us. I started to pay serious attention to photography 4 years ago, but this course is the best thing that has happened to me.

      — Ian Parks

      Your courses are the first ones I have ever purchased that are MORE than what they promised in the advertisement. They are worth SO much more than I paid to be a member. It has been a privilege to be a part of Photoshop Artistry and Awake. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

      — Denise McNickle

      "Before I joined AWAKE, I created quite pretty works ... But Sebastian Michaels's AWAKE then turned my creative life upside down ... In a GOOD way.  I've been challenged to look beyond the limit, to explore what else might be possible ... An amazing journey had begun, leading me deeper and deeper into the fascinating world of digital artistry.  Don't hesitate to jump in, dare to become AWAKE.  You are not going to regret it!!"

      — Billa Bozem
      This is far more than a course — it’s a way of life. It’s opened so many creative doors that I didn’t know I had. As a considerable bonus, I have been privileged to meet and learn from so many talented, generous and warm-hearted people in the group. Sebastian Michaels has a knack of bringing out the best in all of us and then encourages us to do even more. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed.”

      — Janice Batterbee

      “Sebastian, I can’t say enough how much the AWAKE course has impacted my life. I’ve always had this creativity practically bursting inside of me and have never had a true medium to express it. You’ve given me the medium, the confidence and the skills to properly show the world what’s inside of me and I couldn’t be happier about it. I can’t thank you enough for literally changing my life.

      — Andy Dench
      Image by AWAKE Artist Kristin Couch
      AWAKE is like no other course EVER! With the always inspiring mentoring of Sebastian Michaels, this is pure passion and creativity which will zing anyone to the highest peaks and furthest stars of imagination. The courses and contributors are uber talented with lots of detail to learn, all at a pace that you can set. Never would I have dreamed that I would be able to do the art I have done this year. Do yourself a huge favor, take this course which is worth more than money can buy. Sebastian has produced the most encompassing program on the market today. His ability and true passion in teaching reaches into your soul.”

      — Susan Statler

      “You have changed so many lives in the course of your outstanding training and with your motivational attitude, and that doesn’t even include all the amazing content you have brought together for each and every course! Thank you for devoting so much of yourself to make this experience absolutely AMAZING for all of us!”

      — M. Burt

      Best investment I ever made in my creative work!  I highly recommend this class – worth every penny!”

      — Sue Slater Pulaski
      Image by AWAKE Artist Linda Austin
      “OMG Sebastian, I am so pleased … If it wasn’t for you, I would never be creating art like this. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to realize I can do this!! It’s been the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself! Thank you thank you thank you.”

      — Charlene R.

      “Inspiration, content, instruction, friendship, life changing every day. I couldn’t ask for more. Priceless!!

      — Merrilee Soberg

      “Sebastian promised to ‘change my life’ when I first enrolled in the basic Photoshop Grunge course, and he definitely delivered. I was happy! Then, to totally outdo himself, he created the advanced AWAKE course, and that opened my eyes even further to to what is possible and to the creativity that laid dormant for so long within me. I can’t completely covey in words here what a terrific value the course contains, and what a great opportunity it provides to learn more from the Master! Just Do It!”

      — Barry Rosenfeld
      “I fumbled around in Photoshop for years before I signed up for the AWAKE group. The training here is second to none. The video quality is excellent, and the tutorials can be watched at your own pace and practiced as you go. The resources such as textures and design elements alone are worth far more than the cost of the course. Adding in all the training and core lessons makes the course worth 10 times the cost. The group of artists in the AWAKE course Sebastian has brought together are amazing and they are always ready to help a fellow AWAKE member. I cannot express enough how the course has changed my photography and my life.

      — Gary Davis

      Simply the best gift you could ever give your artistic self. I, like so many others, was not sure at first, but took a leap of faith — and have never looked back. If you can, you should make this opportunity for yourself, you will never regret it.”

      — Julie Powell

      AWAKE is unlike anything you have ever seen or done artistically. I can’t even begin to describe what AWAKE has in store for you! I do know that no other program in the world will take you where this one will. And it just leaves you thirsting for more and more. And, thankfully, Sebastian Michaels provides more and more! I can’t give enough praise for what this has done for my skills. Try it, you won’t regret it!”

      — T. Palmer

      The greatest investment ever! Words are not enough to express my gratitude for being a member of AWAKE! But I can say this … My photography is now being published in international online & offline magazines daily. I win awards & international mentions daily. My one greatest investment in 2016 was to join AWAKE. And I tell you it's been absolutely Awesome!”

      — Gabriel Olude
      Do not miss this opportunity to join AWAKE. It will change you life, not only as an artist, but as a person.

      — Denise M.

      Joining AWAKE is the best gift you can give to yourself. Don’t think about it just jump in with both feet. It is a journey you will love that will take you places you didn’t even dream of. Sebastian Michaels is a generous and gifted man who produces excellent tutorials. This course is so popular that it fills up within the day, so be quick and enroll as soon as it opens, you wont regret it.”

      — Christina Brunton
      Image by AWAKE Artist Francine Malo
      “The AWAKE course took me from someone who uses Photoshop to someone who creates magic with Photoshop. Over the past year my online art sales have more than quadrupled with no end in site, thanks to the techniques and inspirations garnered from the AWAKE experience. If you are serious about becoming a true digital artist, this course is the place to start.”

      — Nola Lee Kelsey

      “The AWAKE program has enhanced my Photoshop and artistic skills to a level I struggled with for years and thought I would never get to… Sebastian Michaels’s art in teaching, mentoring, guiding and support to his students is unwavering. If you are struggling or want to get into the nitty gritty of Photoshop and LEARN to be a better artist than you thought you could ever be…then this program is for you, and it is so much more than that…it is a community of like-minded artists like you, who want to be more ….”

      — Rex Madden

      “Before taking Sebastian Michael’s class AWAKE, I was a photographer. That’s it. Just a photographer. Nothing wrong with being just a photographer. Until you AWAKE. I have taken dozens and dozens of online classes, paid for live classes and even paid for one on one instruction. However, none of those classes even come close to the knowledge I have gained in this class. I cannot recommend this class highly enough! As I said earlier, I was just a photographer. Thanks to Sebastian, I am now an artist!”

      — Tim Palmer
      Value for money, AWAKE is the best money I’ve ever spent in my life, and it will be for you too. Don’t hesitate, dive headlong into it and you’ll surface as an artist! I have done plenty of online courses over the years, but I’ve never had an instructor and mentor that over-delivers like Sebastian Michaels does!”

      — Dean Hohn

      AWAKE — hands down the best thing I have ever undertaken. Can hardly state all that AWAKE has done for me as a person and as an artist. I learned how to see, how to grow, how to evolve, how to make the right decisions and how to better my way of artistic life. AWAKE teaches way more than how to do things in Photoshop. The training alone will absolutely advance your knowledge of Photoshop and open your eyes to much more, you will be guided to become and be a true artist. Nothing compares to the training content and the care put into it to make and push everyone to reach and achieve their greatest potential. Would not miss this incredible opportunity! Good luck, you will be in the best hands for a journey like no other!”

      — Soumaya Schnur
      Image by AWAKE Artist Dale Botha
      “Until AWAKE, I truly never thought of myself as an artist. I could never say that out loud. Now after 2 years with Sebastian’s training, I DO say that with confidence: I AM an artist. What I have also learned is that I am not fearful to try new things when it comes to art. If I think it, I now have the confidence to try it! I have also learned that to create ‘Art’ and to accept input on it is exciting and no longer fearful. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today in my pursuit of excellence if I had not taken the leap of faith and signed up for the AWAKE course.

      — Sherri Reed

      “I can’t imagine being without the inspiring tutelage of Sebastian and the art that is created by his brilliant students. I can’t thank him enough for all the effort he puts into his exciting courses. They are more than worth their weight in gold. Thank you Sebastian for everything!”

      — Caroline Knight

      Becoming part of the AWAKE group was my best decision last year! First of all it is THE best Photoshop course ever! But it is SOOO much more. The value you get for your money is extraordinary and Sebastian is so generous and inspirational. Every session of the course he stimulates and challenges you to get the very best out of yourself. And the opportunities provided to show your work to the world through the magazine are amazing. The AWAKE Facebook group is an additional huge benefit through which learning is accelerated; so much can be learned by just looking at all the beautiful art that is being created within this group. This year was the wonderful start of a never ending journey into Photoshop Artistry; it was an excellent learning experience which I recommend to everybody who would like to pursue an artistic life! Thank you Sebastian!”

      — Sandra Mampaey
      Image by AWAKE Artist Thysje Arthur
      “When I signed up for the AWAKE course I was excited that I had at last found a class that covered the sort of art I wanted to create. What AWAKE actually gave me was a whole new future. The content and training is more than one could every imagine but with Sebastian’s inspiring words and his encouragement this has course has been the best thing I have ever done and I don’t envisage a day I could ever stop. The AWAKE family is truly special.”

      — Lynda Adlington

      “I can’t thank Sebastian Michaels enough for the way this course is structured and everything it gives me. It may sound overly dramatic but this course is literally saving my life some days. There are not words to express my gratitude.”

      — Julia T.
      AWAKE has been by far the most engaging and helpful course in photography that I have ever experienced! To see how professionals create their work and examine it closely has taught me so much and because the videos are mine for a lifetime I get to go back and discover more techniques that I had missed the first time around. I found Sebastian’s explanations and excitement about the process very easy to understand and motivating. I have extremely high regard for Sebastian and for this AWAKE course and I would highly recommend it for anyone involved in Photography and desiring to grow as an Artist.”

      — Richard Smith

      ”Truly, AWAKE has changed my life. When I signed up originally, I thought it sounded interesting, but I was unaware of the amazing impact it was going to have on my art and life. Sebastian delivered way more than he promised. The core lessons were so inspiring, that I am not only reviewing them constantly, but they have become my mantra for how I live my life. And the training lessons took me further than I thought possible. I learned new techniques, but more importantly learned how to view my work and finish it off professionally. And then there was the provided content. Simply spectacular and worth way more than the course itself. … Sebastian is a great teacher, breaking down complex creations and making them understandable. Through it all he was the perfect cheerleader, guiding us to find our voice to create our best possible work. And constantly coming up with new challenges to keep us going further. Over the years, I have taken dozens of online classes. If I could have only taken one class, THIS is the one I would choose.”

      — Shelley Benjamin

      "I just cannot measure the degree of gratitude I hold for Sebastian, having our paths cross, and being part of the AWAKE family.  The surest thing about the rest of my life is the primacy of 'Living the Photo Artistic Life.'"

      — Daniel Lavery

      “There are many words which come to mind when trying to define the man, the artist, the photographer, the teacher known to us as Sebastian Michaels. … The problem however, is that just when you think you have pinned it down, he surprises you with another value add to his AWAKE Training Course which takes your artistic creativity to a totally different and exciting new level that you had just not expected. Today, I will refer to Sebastian as the “locksmith,” as he continually plots his next move to unlock the doors which hold back the artistic creativity of so many of his students on his amazing AWAKE Training Course. Correction: AWAKE is not a “training course,” but rather a road map to living a truly Artistic Lifestyle. His teaching methods, content, inspiration, and enthusiasm in his delivery are echoed by many of my fellow artists who continue to sing his praises on a daily basis. In joining the AWAKE family, be prepared to be taken on an artistic journey that will leave you astounded at what you will be able to achieve in the months ahead as Sebastian unlocks all the doors to your truly creative artistic potential.

      — Athol Phillips
      There is really no other course that can compare to Sebastian Michaels’s AWAKE. The training, resources and support are World-Class! I’ve grown as an artist in ways I never thought possible. Look no further. This is where you want to be in 2019!”

      — Phil Clark

      If you are serious about taking your art further — get into AWAKE while you can!!!
      You will never regret it.

      — Trish Hoskin
      Image by AWAKE Artist Phil Clark
      Creative growth beyond my expectations. And the most supportive group of people you could ever hope to find.

      — Michelle Mondragon

      “I had initially debated joining the original AWAKE course because I felt I may have been too old to learn but I decided to take the plunge and what a ride it has been for the the last 2 years. I have developed my skills in Photoshop beyond my wildest dreams and now I can honestly call myself an artist. So many amazing videos to learn from, mind blowing content from many talented artists, a mentor who is there to reassure you when those doubts creep in and new friends from all walks of life and all ages to be made. AWAKE has changed my life for the better and given me a new lease on life.  Jump on aboard and get ready for the ride of your life.”

      — Ann Wehner

      “When I started with Photoshop Artistry I had not even tried to use Photoshop and wow suddenly I could find my way around Photoshop with ease. Then AWAKE was offered and I jumped into the course, this is when I went from knowing how to use Photoshop to becoming an Artist, selling artworks, doing some really fun and amazing photoshoots and more. The course content alone is worth far more than what you pay for the entire course, then there are the tutorials by many of the world’s best. But these two things are not the only thing I have gained with this course, I have become a member of one of the best online courses I have ever come across, and made so many like-minded friends (even got the chance to hang out with a few). If I could give you one sound word of advice it would be to jump into this course and see where your journey takes you ... You will be surprised.

      — Sue Masterson

      “Sebastian you are quite the most amazing mentor and course developer I have ever been involved with! Your ideas, motivational videos, course content, magazine, etc. are outstanding.”

      — A. Taylor

      If you’re serious about getting serious with your art — while having the time of your life — then AWAKE is for you. If you fully embrace the course, it is life changing. You’ll meet some amazing fellow artists, learn some really cool techniques, but most of all, you’ll uncover what being an artist means to you. Everyone in AWAKE charts their own unique journey. You may not know where you’re heading when you start, but by the end you’ll be excited by the world of possibilities that you have opened for yourself.”

      — Judi Miller
      This AWAKE course is by far the best value for the money on the internet! Sebastian’s tutorials are easy to understand challenging material, yet accessible for all who desire to advance in this artistic world. If I, who just turned 73, can do it … you can! This past year I have produced artistry I never dreamed I could develop. The support from the entire group is an additional plus, and the magazine is awesome …”

      — MaryAnn R.

      I love this course, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the interaction of the AWAKE group on Facebook, and I so love that you are trying to help us all! You work tirelessly and it shows. I am so grateful to be part of this group …”

      — C. Maginn
      Image by AWAKE Artist Christine Anne Stevenson
      You have gone above and beyond with this course. You are by far the most inspiring, enthusiastic, encouraging, understanding and knowledgeable teacher anyone could wish to have, and to be honest I don’t know how you keep it up. You are constantly adding new content or working out ways to help your students publish or sell their work, responding to emails, putting out a monthly magazine, commenting in the Awake Facebook group and the list just goes on and on. Both your AWAKE and Photoshop Artistry courses have taught all of us things we would never have thought possible and also given everyone the confidence to believe in our art and also ourselves as artists. Sebastian, you have no idea how you have changed my life and my attitude and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your skills, enthusiasm and inspiration with us, you are making thousands of people all over the world very happy.

      — Barb C.

      “In the beginning of the AWAKE course I struggled to start, and really didn’t get going until March! I was sooo scared of Photoshop, it was intimidating and overwhelming. Now I open it everyday and use it regularly for the course and for personal projects. Being on this journey is helping me to accept my weirdness and express it freely. The information, videos, free downloads and support have all made this course 'the best of the best.' A total stranger on the internet helped me to open up and share my life with other strangers (and these strangers have turned into the best Facebook group). Thank you!”

      — June Krisko

      "I feel like my entire life, personal and creative, have made a huge transition since I started with your courses.  Thank you!"

      — LouAnn Donahue
      “If you are just thinking about getting into the AWAKE course, I can tell you that I have been enrolled in everything Sebastian Michaels has put out. This guy is the most humble and talented person I have ever encountered (though he is firm and doesn’t beat around the bush). He is for real, down to earth, and an incredible teacher. For sure there is no one like him. His training is concise and easy to follow. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid WAY more for the course than what it cost. The value you get is way beyond I ever imagined. If you can’t become a photo artist with his course I don’t believe you’ll find anyone better to bring this all together. I am always blown away with the training and content that he provides. You cannot find a better course anywhere. I can’t believe what I’ve learned in this course so far. I’m in for life.

      — Jeff Crooks

      “Half a year ago I couldn’t even think of trying things I am up to right now … I am absolutely enjoying the whole process! Thanks Sebastian!”

      — Sergio G.
      Image by AWAKE Artist Linda Treleaven
      “This isn’t just another Photoshop or digital art course, as there is nothing else out there which can be compared to the AWAKE course. When I signed up to the original Photoshop Artistry course my goal was to learn more about Photoshop so as to create better pictures. I was so excited about this course that there was no question about also signing up for the AWAKE course when it opened. What then happened … I could never have dreamed of before. AWAKE changed my whole life, and also how I see myself. For the first time, I can proudly call myself an Artist and Photographer, and I’ve already been printed in two issues of our Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine!”

      — Skye C.

      "This course will change your life. So much, much more than a course in Photoshop. It is about Life and Art and Self Confidence and Camaraderie. I credit this class for saving my life, as do many of the others. It will take you places you never dreamed you could go."

      — Paula Powers
      “I just wanted to thank you for the amazing journey. I have taught high school students for the last 38 years of my life and I wanted to let you know what an amazing teaching you are. I have wanted to learn Photoshop for many years and tried a couple different classes but nothing seemed to stick. Your concrete sequential approach makes it so easy to understand the complexities of the program. You have provided me with so many Ah-Ha! moments … And the resources and free material are just another added bonus to your stellar content.”

      — M. Gauthier

      “This is for those of you who are on the fence, or thinking ‘Eh, maybe next time’…or those wondering about all of these rave reviews: I’m the first to be skeptical when I hear people talk about something being ‘life changing.’ I mean, really? Life changing? I have to tell you, though, in this case it’s actually true. If you’re serious about taking that next step and giving a voice to that inner artist who’s begging to be let out, this is THE best gift you could give yourself. I was lucky enough to get into the Awake course 2 years ago and have been involved ever since. I went from being someone with mediocre Photoshop skills who wished for a way to express myself visually to now confidently calling myself an artist, being able to create images that I’m happy with and that have actually won awards and will soon be shown in galleries. AWAKE is an amazing, exciting journey where you’ll learn new skills, make new friends, and get all the support you need along the way. Hope you make it in. Good luck, and see you on the other side!”

      — Nicole Wilde

      Joining the AWAKE group was the best investment I made last year. The lessons are fascinating and Sebastian’s presentation made me note and discover tons of new techniques even when he described artists and works that I knew before. Even more important – his teaching caused me to open my mind, discover and try new directions that I would never consider without him. The course is only a part of the AWAKE experience. Each lesson is accompanied by tons of textures and free images to use, including many wonderful model images. The ‘crown’ of the experience is the AWAKE group itself – there are so many super talented people there, source of inspiration for any kind of Photoshop art. Yet, following Sebastian’s example, the group is very supportive and fun. Personally, I have very little available time to work on my art, but it is much more interesting and productive since I joined the group.”

      — Erez

      “When I started this adventure, called AWAKE, I had no idea what impact it would have on my life … It changed everything, in my already artistic life: my thinking, my creativity, my wanting to learn more and more … I feel like a sponge soaking eagerly up everything Sebastian is teaching us. There is a never-ending flow of wonderful and creative challenges happening to us, over and over again. Sebastian amazes me, he is the most generous person I know and I am so happy to be part of this most amazing ride of my life! I am so excited to be here, knowing it will be so special again. Thank you for everything!”

      — Janine van Holthe
      “When I enrolled for the very first AWAKE course I was confident that it would be worthwhile after my experience with Sebastian Michaels’s Photoshop Artistry Course. Little did I know what was in store. The AWAKE course opened the door to an incredibly rich world which stimulates artistic creation and provides the skills and confidence to produce amazing digital art. Thanks to Sebastian’s guidance, endless enthusiasm, and astounding generosity (not to mention an absolute treasure chest of content from first-class artists and photographers), I have found that I am capable of making original compositions, not once, but over and over again. Thank you, Sebastian, for this amazing gift.”

      — Janice B.

      “Thank you again, Sebastian, you really are an inspiration. I think I’m starting this new year (my second of AWAKE) more excited about the future than I have ever been. Every new day is a new adventure and I’m busting to get into it!

      — Tony S.

      “AWAKE has been an extraordinary experience, part video-based training course, part coaching program, part community of artists … and a whole lot of goodies available regular as clockwork twice a month. It is truly impossible to assess the financial worth of enrolling on the course, because the value goes so far beyond that kind of measurement. This year, I have found: that I am an artist; what kind of an artistry is emerging in me; a number of people who have – genuinely – become friends and mentors; a trusted group of people on a similar journey who have respect for themselves and for me in our shared artistic work and experimentation; a renewed passion for art and for life; what it means to become alive to the beauty of what lies around everyday and everywhere. I cannot recommend AWAKE highly enough if you are serious about developing as an artist and as a person.”

      — Michele Taylor

      "This class will open doors for you that you A) never knew existed, and B) never in a million years dreamed would happen to YOU!  Seriously. I am still in shock at where my life has gone artistically this past year!"

      — Leslie Lamb Schrader-Fagnan
      Image by AWAKE Artist Debbie De Juan
      You really, really don’t want to miss this opportunity to join AWAKE!  I snuck out of bed at six in the morning last New Year’s day and hung out in the bathroom of our Bed and Breakfast to make sure I wouldn’t miss getting in. I thought I was getting a course that would enhance my Photoshop skills and that the lessons every two weeks would help to keep me accountable. What I ALSO got, was core training that, cliche or not, really changed how I look at and live my life AND fellow classmates in our Facebook ‘classroom’ group that have become very dear to me over the year. I would do it again in a heartbeat and pay whatever it cost to get in. Sebastian is a fabulous teacher and an amazing, inspiring human being.”

      — Rosa V.

      “Sebastian Michaels is a genius. The AWAKE program is so much deeper than just photography and techniques. It’s about discovering who you are as an artist, which allows you to tap into the magic of creating. And, in that magical space, you will be amazed at what comes forth. I look forward to much growth and inspiration in the months and years to follow. Thank you so much Sebastian for your insight and love of art.”

      — Sandra Daniels

      “Sebastian, I am so grateful to you for this course and this group of creative artists you’ve brought together. You haven’t just created the best inspiring art course around, you have boosted the confidence of every one of us. This course is the best investment in my art that I’ve ever made and I’m only part way through. I have rearranged my schedule to devote more time and I’m starting over from the beginning in the coming year. Thank you for letting us continue to learn together.”

      — Ellen G.

      This year changed my life in ways unimaginable and it has EVERYTHING to do with being AWAKE … and being a part of the most amazing collaboration of artists on the planet IMHO! I am so thrilled to finally be able to put into words what this group has meant to me … and without Sebastian leading us this wouldn’t have been possible. Sebastian, you ARE AMAZING!”

      — Charlene R.

      This course is fantastic. I waited far too long to join. The content available is unbelievable. I have a 5-year plan in mind and this has accelerated this beyond my wildest dreams. Without Sebastian’s guidance I would have probably thrown in the towel by now. It is more than just learning about Photoshop – you learn to look at art in so many different ways along with learning to challenge yourself. Don’t expect this to be a paint by numbers system – I consider it a journey of exploration.”

      — Kevin Sims

      “I’ve been a photographer for a number of years and other than some basic photo processing I stayed away from Photoshop or other software that manipulated images or created composites. Until, that is, I started the Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge Composition Course. That course started to change me as an artist, and when the AWAKE class opened up, I wanted in! Over the last six months of working through AWAKE I’ve learned so many new ways of looking at my photography and am enjoying the process of working with my images in a way I never have before: a way that reminds me that I AM an artist, capturing not only an image but also infusing it with emotion and atmosphere that may not have been there in reality, but certainly was there in my imagination. So thank you to Sebastian Michaels for his never-ending enthusiasm and dedication for opening up my eyes to a whole new avenue of creative expression!”

      — Litonya Knelsen

      “Sebastian you are such an inspiration, I feel so privileged to be under your guidance, to learn from you and to become a better person. If I can be half the person you are, I will be one happy lady. You are the most generous selfless person I think I know and anyone who has the chance to train under you or become part of your AWAKE family I would highly recommend they take advantage of the opportunity so they too can experience the magic that you spread around. You have the most calming, informative, and encouraging training videos … You were born for this. … The time you spend on your members futures is unbelievable, striving for their success, helping them every step of the way. The magazines you have created for your students and now the upcoming portfolio website – absolutely unbelievable, no one ever has this kind of opportunity in life, but you have made it happen for us all.”

      — Pam Henderson

      Sebastian Michaels, founder of Photoshop Artistry and AWAKE, is quite the most amazing tutor, course developer, and mentor you could ever hope to meet. His generosity, professionalism and enthusiasm, making sure you have the best learning experience ever, is legendary. The quality of the course structure, videos and content will surprise you. One of the most amazing aspects of the course is the camaraderie of the students, the friendships and support offered and received is astounding. Many of the students have gone on to meet up with friends made in the course, valuable collaborations have taken place with people working together in New York State and Tasmania, Australia. Don’t hesitate any longer if you want to AWAKE and Live the Artistic Life, learn skills from the best, and make wonderful friendships with an international group of fellow artists.”

      — Athalie Taylor

      “Considering joining the AWAKE program? Let me tell you what AWAKE has done and meant to me. AWAKE has been a life-changing learning process, led by one of the most phenomenal instructors, mentors, and friends you will ever find, and supported by a family of fellow artists who are learning right along side me. I have learned more in the past 12 months about photography and Photoshop than I would have learned in a lifetime without being enrolled in AWAKE. Sebastian has a natural way of making things that are difficult and involved seem easy. It is absolutely mind-blowing how Sebastian over-delivers on everything he does! The materials and content provided in this course is beyond belief. Using nothing more that the materials made available to you through the course, you could easily create 10 images per day, if you were capable, for the rest of your life, and still would never be able to use it all. There is serious content to go with this course! Do yourself a favour and change your life forever by becoming AWAKE! You have lifetime access to the lessons, so you can go at your own pace if you so wish. I guarantee you won’t regret it for a single minute. Sign up and see for yourself! (Thank you, Sebastian, for the most phenomenal learning experience I’ve ever had!)”

      — Dean L Hohn

      “As a Photoshop beginner, I was somewhat hesitant to jump into a year-long course, wondering if I could handle the myriad technical aspects of Photoshop. But I thought, if not this, what? If not now, when? I had no clue what I was in for! Not only did Sebastian make all-things-Photoshop easy to understand, he opened my eyes to artistry within and without. Sebastian’s encouraging and inspirational approach is unlike anything I have ever experienced. For me this was almost the most important part of this journey. I “see” life differently as a result. There is art at every turn, and now I not only look for it, I revel in it. Sign up for AWAKE if you are ready to grow in ways previously unimaginable.

      — Susan Crosby

      “When you have a mentor like you [Sebastian], many of us would walk through burning coals for you … It would be an honor to write an endorsement. … The AWAKE program is like opening your eyes to the unlimited possibilities of artistry within yourself. Sebastian Michaels pulls the curtain back to help you reveal what is within you as an artist: your potential, your creativity, and most importantly in my opinion … your imagination and drive to create art. Not to do someone else’s style of art, but to develop your own art that is within you … in your own style. The AWAKE program will light a fire within you creatively, so join Sebastian Michaels on a journey that will enlighten you personally and creatively awaken you.”

      — Rex M.

      Such an amazing group! The artists in it are so very talented and Sebastian Michaels does such a wonderful job putting it all together. He is an incredible teacher and inspires each person to do their best. The closed Facebook group connected to the AWAKE course could not be more supportive… Thank you Sebastian so much for all that you do for us.”

      — Paula P.

      The AWAKE course is an impressive and unparalleled blend of teaching and mentoring that will set your creativity and, more importantly, your soul on fire. You will become a confident artist, able to find your own voice and style by building on skills and thought processes that will fan the flame of your own artistic vision. Sebastian Michaels takes you behind the scenes of finished works by some of today’s top digital artists – a process by which you will learn lots of insider secrets and working methods of the most stellar digital artists. You will also become a member of a world-wide artistic community and will find yourself ready to jump-start your creative life and live it to the fullest.”

      — JoAnn Wilmot

      Working with Sebastian Michaels and the other students in AWAKE has been an incredible boost to my creativity. Not only have I learned so many new techniques, but I have been inspired to push myself beyond what I thought were my limits. Seeing my work in the magazine was one of the highlights of my year – you should have seen me do the happy dance all over the house! The team spirit from the other students is also something I treasure. Those of us sharing our work in the Facebook group have built a creative tribe – a network of support and further inspiration.”

      — Lisa W.

      “If you do one thing for yourself this year, do this. Invest in yourself… Signing up to AWAKE is much more than any reviews here, no matter how amazing, can do justice. I can honestly HONESTLY tell you that being part of AWAKE changed my life. I have never heard or read a single bad word about Sebastian Michaels’s courses and this one really is the creme de la creme! Sebastian will teach you how to unlock your potential. Everyone who knows me has told me how much I have progressed over the last year. Of course, I put in a lot of hard work! But AWAKE has been the foundation to this year for me. Not only are you signing up to a course, you are, if you allow it, signing up to a different perspective. Giving yourself a chance to really free your creative potential. And to being part of an incredible community. … AWAKE has taught me run with however I want to express myself. To let go of the conventional. To be myself and express this my own way in my art. Everything is possible, and to this sentiment I am not even ending this with a full stop; our stories continue …”

      — CJM

      “What a trip Sebastian Michaels’s AWAKE class has been! Great teaching, great motivation, and a wonderful new bunch of extremely supportive friends from all around the world. It’s amazing how excited we can be waiting for the next new lessons, how much we’ve learned and how far we’ve come.

      — Elaine Hodgkins

      “I was hesitant to commit to a year long class on Photo Artistry. Now that I have spent an entire year in Sebastian Michaels’s AWAKE class I am wishing it would NEVER END! This is a community of like minds that support, share, and encourage the creative process — no matter who you are or where you are from. … Through Sebastian’s outstanding ability to break down a complex composition in Photoshop, his guidance on how to be the artist you want to be, his thought-provoking, instructional lectures, to the wealth of amazing content created by outstanding artists and designers, and his generous attitude toward learning, I Woke Up — I became Awake. That inner need to create now had structure and motivation. But for me it didn’t end there, our private Awake Facebook page provided an avenue to post my work and get support from artist all over the world. It helped be break that fear of showing other artists my work. Our FB group is so supportive, and inspiring and generous that I have made friends with people all over the world and all age groups. It is a very active group yet, not demanding. I have received an overwhelming amount of value from this class, a value that far exceeded the price of the Awake class. It is unlike any online Photoshop course I have ever taken, or book I have ever read or magazines to which I subscribe. You can not compare the value of this class to anything else, for it is unlike any you have ever seen. I just had to share this with you all, with tears in my eyes as this year's AWAKE comes to an end. But I know that upcoming year will be even better . . . Come on over and join our group we would love to see Your amazing work. You too can inspire all of us! My heartfelt gratitude to Sebastian Michael’s and all my AWAKE friends (Awakeners). Have a wonderful new year!”

      — ‎Michelle Giaimo

      “Whether you are already a photographer or an artist or not, there is no better value for the money than the AWAKE course with Sebastian Michaels. Where else can you get lifetime access and personal interaction with both the teacher and other artists than this course? Learn at your own pace and accomplish work you would never have dreamed possible! Believe me; it’s happened to me! Learn, grow and be inspired. You will not be disappointed.

      — Beverly Everson

      “I first came across the Photoshop grunge course in 2015 and the concept really piqued my interest. After signing up I was amazed at the content and the knowledge that I picked up, so when Sebastian opened up the AWAKE course, it was a no-brainer to sign up!! I am an experienced Photoshop and Lightroom user but this course provided me with something that I was desperately missing…inspiration! Sebastian does a fantastic job introducing new content and really, really cares about the direction and value of AWAKE. A lot of courses that I’ve signed up for in the past have long since been created and have no updates or refresher by the instructor. Not so with AWAKE. Along with Sebastian the work that the other students put out is nothing short of amazing!! They are so good it is almost intimidating! If you love creating artistic work, need inspiration, or want to take your images to the next level… do yourself a favor and sign up for AWAKE. Thanks again Sebastian for all that you have done, this is an amazing ride!

      — Chad Goddard

      “I have never had any formal art or Photoshop training and describe myself as not having an artistic bone in my body. Art, especially creative artistic composition does not come easy for me. I struggle to put down on the digital canvas what I see in my head. Awake has helped me learn to do that. Sebastian and the AWAKE course, along with the wonderful ‘family’ that came with it, have changed my life. We share ideas and techniques, support one another and grow, not only as artists, but as people. Sebastian is a teacher, mentor, inspirational coach and cheerleader all wrapped up in one incredible person, who shares everything he has to make us better. Every day, I am learning how to be AWAKE, not only as an artist but, more importantly, as a person. Even though I still feel like I am floundering some of the time, I know I have a wonderful AWAKE family I will always be able to ask for help and advice.”

      — Denise McNickle

      “Coming into the AWAKE course, I knew little about art, composition, color, blending or compositing. Your extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, presentation and organization has helped me develop far beyond what I could imagine. I’m honored and proud to be in the group. You make learning a pleasure.”

      — Ruth Wiens

      “Wow! What a year it has been! I can’t believe it is over already. When I started this AWAKE journey with you January 1st I had just started learning to crop and do basic edits in Photoshop. I had just signed up for your Fine Art Grunge course a couple weeks before, I felt so out of my league starting AWAKE. Even blend modes scared me! You have done such a great job of addressing things like self-doubt, inspiration and ambition I couldn’t help but learn and grow. Not only did you teach me technical skills, you taught me to live more intentionally in every moment, see the artistic possibilities in every situation, take chances and you nurtured my confidence until I realized that you had fulfilled your promise to turn me into an artist. There is more to it than that for me though. You not only turned me into an artist, you also gave me an outlet for my traumatic past and a way to cope when things in life are rough. Photoshop artistry is one of my best tools to keep myself emotionally well. There are no words that can express my gratitude for the incredible gift you and the AWAKE class have been in my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have helped heal a part of my soul.”

      — Julie Mae Thies

      “For me the AWAKE Photo Artistry course has been challenging but very exciting not least because it has made me aware of how photography (and art in general) can allow vision into aspects of life previously unsuspected. The course is driven by Sebastian’s enormous professionalism and enthusiasm.”

      — Richard Strange

      “If you are, as I was when I took the course in 2015, a sometime photographer, occasional collage artist and only a little familiar with a few features of an older version of Photoshop, you will LOVE this course. I had reached a point where I was getting tired of trying to find just the right colour, image, size of image, layout and paint to make my pieces come alive. Using the course material, and Sebastian’s encouraging words, I have improved my knowledge of composition, use of colour and images, layering and special effects as well as my ability to bring my imagination to life, and, many features of Photoshop that I didn’t even know existed. The course is multi-dimensional, many layered and covers both technical use of the products and creative use of their features. There are an incredible amount of images supplied and free or nicely discounted add-on packages from time to time. Lots of 'cheat sheets' too, for learning and quick look-up of instructions for actions you don’t use very often. And you can work as quickly or as slowly as you like so the learning and creating can fit into even a tight schedule.”

      — Solange Belleforte

      “Sebastian’s AWAKE course will teach you more than you ever thought possible about creating art – but that’s only the beginning. You’ll find yourself immersed in an incredibly supportive, inspirational community of like-minded souls, led by an instructor with a true passion for teaching and uplifting others. There are constantly updated tutorials, inspirational talks, and freebies of all sorts. I have gone from being frustrated at not being able to express myself artistically to understanding how to create what I see in my mind. This course has been nothing short of life-changing.

      — Nicole Wilde

      “It is not often – in this ‘me, me, me’ world – that you can find someone who is willing to do what they say — and then give so much more! I have been a member of the Photoshop Grunge Course, the AWAKE Course, and now the Black and White Photography Course. I can say without hesitation that Sebastian Michaels’s courses are top notch in content, instruction, and motivation. Sebastian’s private Facebook Group for the AWAKE Group has also provided a great format for community spirit and encouragement among the fellow members. Do you want to take your photography skill set to the next level? Do you want to expand your artistic reach? Do you want to challenge yourself to be a better artist? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to become AWAKE!”

      — James Bethanis

      "I have been on the AWAKE journey since its inception and I could not imagine my life without it. It is what keeps me going on some days. Sebastian is a phenomenally generous man and has shared so much over the years and constantly amazes with everything he does for us. The artists here are so generous of spirit and nurturing which has made this such safe place to create and share. Sebastian has truly created a wonderful haven for artists to reach for the stars and actually touch them."

      — Laurie McKay

      “Why should you join the AWAKE group? First, it’s a natural next step from the Grunge course. Second, you get to see exactly how seasoned artists create their stunning images. Third, you get the support of the whole group to help you along. Fourth (and this is the best reason for me), you get to see beautiful images day after day on our private Facebook page. You get inspired the best way possible, by seeing the work the other students are producing . . . and believe me, being part of all that is well worth the course fees.”

      — fellingmal

      “One day, doing a Google search, I stumbled across a site offering a course in Photo Artistry by Sebastian Michaels and I thought, Why not? I had a love of art and photography yet still felt I hadn’t touched the surface of Photoshop. I joined the course, thoroughly enjoyed it, learned so much and then after completing it yearned for more. Then I received an email one day from Sebastian notifying me of a new course that he was introducing in 2015 called AWAKE. … I had seen so much amazing art during the Photo Artistry course, I jumped at the chance to join. I was accepted into the AWAKE course and thus the journey began. Throughout this course I have had my eyes opened to a new world where everything is possible if you keep at it. The core videos where assignments, encouragement and leadership were given; to course content material for downloading to use in your work; to the videos on training where established artists pieces were broken down to show how they were created, this course has surpassed any I have undertaken previously. The AWAKE Facebook page where we all gather and post our pieces is a source of inspiration and support for me and other members of the group. The AWAKE magazine where our work is published can be purchased to show friends and family our art. Sebastian has been my mentor, listening to me during periods of self-doubt and then offering encouragement to me (and I am sure many of the others within the group). He has shown me how to live a more AWAKE life by opening my eyes to the world out there that others just do not see. My art has flourished under his guidance and teachings. Sebastian’s generosity astounds me and his tireless work for the group makes me so proud to have been a part of this amazing journey. I encourage you to join us on a brand new journey through the upcoming year and you too will begin living the AWAKE Life.”

      — Ann Wehner

      “I have learned so much from being part of the AWAKE family. Sebastian is wonderful and his lesson are easy to listen to and to follow.”

      — Sandra C.

      “When I first joined the AWAKE course I thought I was signing up for just another online digital class. I wanted to learn how to digitally manipulate my images, possibly even compose something on my computer. Create art? That was far from my mind, as I didn’t consider myself an artist. Was I ever mistaken! As the months rolled by and I learned under Sebastian’s tutelage and his inspiring lessons with their awesome content, I found that yes indeed, I truly am an ARTIST. A good one too. Though I am still learning, I can use Photoshop like a pro and perform digital manipulations I never thought possible. I’ve mastered composition, color, lighting effects and along the way gained the friendship and respect of dozens of class members in our Facebook group from around the world who offer companionship, gentle critiques and support. I look forward to the first and fifteenth of each month like a little kid anticipating a birthday! Joining the AWAKE class has changed how I view the world and my surroundings, as I am now able to see things in a much more creative and imaginative way. This has been one of the best decisions of my life — I am now truly AWAKE.”

      — Laurie Baker

      I am loving AWAKE! This course is extremely well put together and very thorough with great creative tutorials you can immediately apply to create beautiful art. But this course is about so much more than just learning great techniques – it is also about learning to develop your vision and learning to be an artist living a creative life. The best part though is how inspiring and supportive Sebastian himself is toward his students. He truly wants everyone to be successful in developing their artistic selves. I can’t say enough good things about this course. LOVE it!! Thanks Sebastian!”

      — Bonnie Mitchell

      “I am SO grateful to you for sharing your many talents with me and the AWAKENERS. You know, there are ‘instructors’ and then there are those who inspire creativity through instruction. You are one of the latter. I’m aware that there were a number of times when I emailed you with questions that, I’d either not searched well enough through the lesson on my own OR you HAD covered the details of the mod and I was just a bit thick. However, you graciously took my questions, pointed me to section in the mod I needed or directly answered me. I appreciate your kind and generous spirit. As for the lessons themselves, AWAKE and Photoshop Artistry Grunge has taken THIS traditional media collage artist to a WHOLE new UNIVERSE (better than “world.” :P ) There were so many really neat shortcuts and tricks that, one would not intuitively know to utilize coming into PS fairly new. I’ve had a most lovely experience and have met the most creative, inspiring folks along the way who also gave generously of their praises and critiques. The Bonus content too — what can I say?! SO much, SO useful, and SO varied. Wow, just WOW! All this to say, I feel so blessed to have come into your circle of ‘light’ and am THRILLED with the notion of AWAKE, albeit new and MORE-ish for 2019. Hugs to you dear man…”

      — Red Scott

      “It was a Good Year – For the last 8 years I have put together a calendar for my extended family with one of my photos or digital art pictures for each month. Every year it was a struggle to come up with 12 pictures that I thought were good enough. This year I had the opposite problem. It took my wife and me a couple hours to pick out 12 pictures for the calendar (actually 13, being as we used one for the cover). What happened? In looking back over the year I see how incredibly productive I have been and the marked improvement. The seeds were planted in 2014 when I went through the Photoshop Artistry course but it then exploded through out the year because of the Awake experience (thank you Sebastian Michaels). Not only was it the creation of art that made the year so productive but submitting photos and art to juried shows (and getting accepted), developing a detailed art marketing plan, and so many other things the made the year so great. So much inspiration comes from this group! Looking forward to the year ahead!”

      — Rick Baker

      “When I started the Photoshop Artistry course, I thought I might strengthen my basic Photoshop skills. That was my original goal. I’ve accomplished all that and so much more after signing up for the AWAKE course. Sebastian is such a wonderful teacher, making complex concepts seem doable. I fall asleep thinking of tomorrow’s possibilities. And I so look forward to each month’s session full of inspiration, training, and free content to work with. I have sold several pieces and have had images published in the beautiful magazine, Living the Photo Artistic Life. Along the way, I’ve met several talented artists via our private Facebook page. I am so grateful to Sebastian for this course. This is the most inspiring art training I’ve ever seen. And it is the best investment that I’ve ever made in myself and my art.

      — Linda Knox

      “Having completed about 75% of the original Photoshop Artistry course, I knew I’d found the right mentor and teacher in Sebastian Michaels. When he opened the enrollment in the AWAKE course for a 2nd group to join, I decided to press on to higher ground. Sebastian’s excellence, generosity and mentoring has made the AWAKE experience more than just an artistic venture. AWAKE has become a life-changing journey for me. At first I thought I’d never catch up to the amazing artists who were posting jaw-dropping images on the private AWAKE Facebook site. But I kept plugging away at my own pace, completing a new session about every two weeks. After a few sessions, I realized its not about catching up but rather it’s about absorbing and applying the course content before moving on to the next training session. Sebastian Michaels taught me to believe that I could actually make the art that I had only dreamed of making. The training in the AWAKE course and the encouragement of the on-line AWAKE community gave me the boost I needed to make great photo art too. Today, because of the AWAKE course, not only has my photography improved but I also proudly call myself a Photo Artist for the first time!”

      — Wayne B.

      “Great excitement at commencing the AWAKE course and then … within days, diagnosed with breast cancer. AWAKE enabled me to have joy, achievement, connection, learning and creativity during a pretty tough time. Continuing with AWAKE is very special!”

      — Sharon R.

      “I was lost. I accumulated a lot of digital content, but had no clue how to combine my images and the content into a scrapbook page. Nothing I watched in videos or read in books worked for me the way I thought it should. Then I discovered the Photoshop Grunge and AWAKE courses. In a matter of a few months, I upgraded from Photoshop Elements to Adobe’s Photoshop Photography Plan (with Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC). And since then, I have learned more about Photoshop than I ever dreamed possible for me. And through the AWAKE course, I am continually learning and pushing myself to create artistic works that had only previously been a dream. Thank you, Sebastian Michaels!”

      — Cindy LeGrand

      “I was not looking to take an online course until I saw the quality of work in the monthly magazines. I then realized that on some deeper level this was exactly what I had been looking for. Sebastian’s teaching methods are superb with unlimited access to exceptional videos and printouts. A huge bonus is the content (textures, brushes, overlays, high-res images and much more) that is included in the course. Sebastian’s passionate delivery is uplifting and inspiring, making me feel like I can achieve a much higher level of artistry. The focus on awakening my innate abilities to be creative makes me believe that I can touch someone deeply with my art. I am so grateful for the increase in my confidence, so happy I made the decision to join something greater than myself. Thank you Sebastian.”

      — Merrilee Soberg

      AWAKE is the best course I’ve ever taken, bar none. Sebastian made a lot of promises when he first advertised it and he has fulfilled each of those promises and much more! He has built a community where members are supportive and helpful and many have become friends. He really cares about the members and answers all questions directed his way. All this is in addition to his hard work creating detailed videos to teach techniques and finding resources to help us all achieve our visions. He is innovative in how he helps us. The monthly magazine is just one, very visible, example of his innovations — he has created a stunning format for showing off the work of the members.”

      — Vicki DeVico

      “I rarely fish an email out of my spam folder, open it and read through it, especially the very long emails. But I did with Sebastian’s first email because I was searching for information on taking my images from the usual photo-realistic, well-processed digital image to something more artistic. And I am so glad I did. Sebastian’s course has been remarkable, he is an exceptional teacher and provides more information and bonus material for dollar spent than any course I have ever taken. (And I am a retired dentist who has both taken and presented more continuing education than I can describe). I highly recommend this course.”

      — Larry Barsh, DMD

      “I came across Sebastian Michaels’s Photoshop Artistry programmes by accident, and the concept of “pushing photography further” in the follow-up AWAKE series certainly appealed. The content, presentation and training in the AWAKE programme has been excellent, and my proficiency and artistic talents have been pushed to the limits. More importantly, my confidence has expanded to new heights, way beyond my initial expectations. Sebastian is a excellent mentor and good motivator and the programmes keep you busy; but the lifetime nature of the package does mean you can work at your own pace. Sebastian’s ideas of art are often significantly different to my art, but that does not preclude your enjoyment or full participation in the course and group sharing activities, indeed if everyone was the same, PhotoArt, indeed any art would be boring. The AWAKE programme certainly gives your photography, and the ensuing Photo Art, a satisfying sense of achievement with the added bonus of a new potential 'career' as an artist in your own right.”

      — David Walker

      “If you read what you get with the AWAKE course, Sebastian Michaels is downplaying the value you receive. During the whole AWAKE course not only you get a massive amount of valuable content, but Sebastian also gives more and more bonuses along the way, surprises never even mentioned at the beginning. Each month you get new fantastic sessions where you learn things you can’t find elsewhere online, and the content which comes along with the sessions will blow your mind.”

      — S. Cascadea

      “I am not a professional photographer. I am not a professional artist. I have a full time job that takes a lot of energy. I had heard about Photoshop and had purchased it, and played around with it on my own with sort of ho-hum results. So I didn’t start Sebastian’s course with any expectation other than I wanted to learn how to use Photoshop. Then, the first time I layered a texture onto one of my landscape photos and changed the blend mode to overlay, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe that I could make my photographs look so good! After that, I was off and running. I took Sebastian’s basic Photoshop Grunge course, and then followed it with the AWAKE course. The end result has been a budding small business creating unique, meaningful photo art for sale. I have developed the skills to take a collection of family photos and craft them into personal keepsakes. I have had the humbling experience of seeing my art bring tears to people’s eyes. I could have read a book, or followed an on-line tutorial, but it just wouldn’t have had the same magic as watching Sebastian deconstruct a work of Photoshop art and explain how it came into being. And the most important component of his courses is the commitment and energy Sebastian puts into the sessions, which gets transmitted to me every time I sit down to learn. … Then, all this creative energy gets shared, amplified, supported, and magnified on the private Facebook group for the AWAKE course. … As I write this, I realize that the small investment I made in Sebastian’s courses has returned results beyond what I ever anticipated. It has tapped into a vein of creativity that must have been here all along, but that lacked an outlet for expression. Once uncovered, it has a momentum which keeps me thinking creatively all the time, leading me to deeper, broader, fresher places. Thank you, Sebastian.”

      — Mary Bratscher

      “I came to the Photoshop Artistry course because I felt strongly that I was not making the most of my photography. Just retired, I wanted a new creative outlet but lacked the skills to turn my photos into something altogether more special. How glad I made the decision to enroll: it has been a fascinating journey and my life is filled with newfound enthusiasm and pure joy at my growing artistic skills. As for AWAKE, this course delivers all it promises and more. Sebastian is a master of his craft and he holds nothing back. Everything he does is for his students, not for his ego. His easy style and professional video presentations make self-paced learning an unexpected pleasure. Sebastian taps into our need to grow and develop as artists, and knows how to encourage, lead, and challenge people to bring out their best. And with lifetime access to the course, you can keep coming back to it to refresh your knowledge and also to enjoy the new materials he is constantly offering. Don’t waste a minute more thinking about this; if you are short of funds, give up coffee for a few months. Just enroll now and you will never look back!”

      — Tony Stephenson

      “Even though I was completely drawn to AWAKE in the beginning, I debated whether or not I should join the course, but I am SO glad I did. I am not even half way through the course and I can say that it has changed my outlook on life. If you are an artist, you already have that 'thing' that resides in your soul that makes you an artist even if you aren’t creating; but if you aren’t loving and developing that part of yourself, it will drive you mad. This course has allowed me to develop the artist within; not just the Photoshop skills but my artistic eye for beauty and art. Everything around me has become a potential composition or idea. For years, I have wanted to embrace my artistic talents and use them to make a living but that dream has always been just that, a dream. Now, I feel that dream is definitely in reach. My life has become drastically more colorful since I’ve been part of AWAKE. Sebastian is a great teacher, motivator and mentor and believes in his students; his heart is what makes this course the success that it is. I love the course, Sebastian, and the entire AWAKE community!

      — Brandi Atkins

      Enrolling in the AWAKE course was the greatest gift I gave myself in 2015 – I’ve learned so much, am so much more self-confident about my work, have connected with some wonderful fellow-students, and am continually inspired by the work and generosity of Sebastian and all the contributing artists. If you are intrigued by what Photoshop can do and want to express yourself as a digital artist and gain the tools to do so, this is definitely for you!”

      — Julianna Zdunich

      “AWAKE… This is such an appropriate title to this course. AWAKE is exactly what I did once I joined Sebastian Michaels’s fabulous course. I thought I was just joining an 'online course' to extend my photography skills. I didn’t just extend my photography skills or learn about art and how to create it, I learned how I want my future to look like and how to live it! I never put a photograph up on my walls in the twenty something years I have been photographing, I guess because I didn’t want to brag, but now I have ALL my compositions on my walls that I have created from this course. I am selling them, displaying them in galleries, and have even developed a book about them. I am so happy and I AM living the ARTISTIC LIFE! Sebastian Michaels has opened up my life and I am shining! I can truly say 'I AM an artist!' Thank you, Sebastian, for changing my life!”

      — Barbara Case
      The AWAKE Photo Artistry class is truly a life-changing class! The instructor is an amazing mentor, always encouraging and pushing us to trust in our own vision as an artist and to keep expanding and trying new approaches. The AWAKE course is like an artistic meditation, pushing photography to new levels. Signing up for this course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The students in this course also make up a very supportive and creative community that spans the globe. If you get a chance to join AWAKE, go for it!”

      — Nancy Brizendine

      “A year ago I joined the AWAKE family. I had no confidence in my abilities, and no direction as to where I wanted to head or even how to get there. AWAKE totally changed my life around. I now know where I want to head and have to confidence to get there. I started off looking at my photos and not really liking what I saw, but now I am proud of the photos I am creating and excited about what the future has in store.

      — Pam H.
      Image by AWAKE Artist Merrilee Soberg
      “I have taken many online courses, watched many videos and podcasts, and read many books and magazines in my 4 year journey of learning photography and then digital art. None have had as much impact or been as meaningful as the original Photoshop Artistry course, which was then far exceeded by the Awake course. I hate to even call it a course as it is far more; it is truly a community of learning and inspiration that you have created. And the content of this course is quite astounding. I am continually amazed at the quality of the lessons, the value of the examples, and the skills that are taught through these live examples, and the amount of digital content. (Frankly, the value of the textures, overlays, brushes, etc., far exceeds the cost of the course.) I never get tired of listening to your lessons and even my wife commented that she enjoys listening to your videos that she overhears. I think that is a reflection of a great teaching ability, combined with your passion, energy and inspiration, combined with very valuable content.”

      — Ray K.

      “I’ve taken many photography and Photoshop courses, but never one like this. It addresses exactly what I was wanting to learn — not only photography and not only software techniques but a learning experience oriented towards the creation of art. Previously, with other courses, the focus was always on commercial or graphic art. This course is different. It is very challenging and goes into great detail. I have had to work very hard but I learned something new in every section. Sebastian is very encouraging and positive and he has created a community of like-minded artists. The focus here is on developing your craft as an artist. If that is your goal, then this course is for you.”

      — Moira Law

      “Following on my terrific experience with the Photoshop Artistry course, the AWAKE course has been just that for me, a way to use my camera with Lightroom and Photoshop to really see, feel, and experience the world. I am so much more focused and present in my daily life, so mindful of the world and its possibilities. The course has given me a bounty of core sessions full of thoughtful, philosophical ideas, videos inspiring me with their depiction of the creation of marvelous pieces of art, and incredible content full of textures, photo images, overlays, vintage and graphic images. This course and Sebastian Michaels have been an incredible presence in my life!

      — Ilene Sokol
      Image by AWAKE Artist Siegart von Schlichting
      “I first started the Photoshop Grunge course without even having experience either as photographer or artist, just a mere passion about photography and eager to learn. Entering into AWAKE opened a door to a whole new world — of knowledge, and of passion. I found a place where I can forget about the real world and immerse myself in pure fantasy and creation where anything is possible. Sebastian and this course have awaken the creative sensibility within me and given me the wings to fly. I can never be grateful enough.”

      — Amelia Blanco

      “Sebastian is a generous teacher, willing to share all manner of concepts and ideas. He has been able to procure myriads of content, including work from many top notch digital artists, who also shared their gifts with the AWAKE class. The most impressive part of the class is Sebastian’s ability to create a safe environment, where students can work at their own pace and most importantly find and nurture their own personal style of digital art.”

      — Pamela Huntington
      “Twelve months ago I would never have imagined where my digital photo art would have taken me. I knew there had to be more to photography than just taking photographs and editing them the traditional way, and I certainly found something unique with the original Photoshop grunge course and then all the more when I had the opportunity to join the AWAKE group. And what an inspirational mentor Sebastian Michaels is, always challenging the group members to get more from their art, to reach higher goals and to achieve. It has been a journey of self-discovery, and also a delight to get to know so may different digital artists in the group, sharing information and techniques, even having the pleasure of seeing some of my work featured in the monthly magazines. Don’t even consider for one moment that you will not come away from Sebastian’s courses without learning from and enjoying the experience. This is a journey of sheer pleasure. Thank you Sebastian. It is an honour to be a member of AWAKE.”

      — Viv Buckley

      “Here’s the thing: I took the Photoshop Artistry course to improve my Photoshop skills, which were low intermediate at the time. The video tutorials were incredibly helpful, and I don’t say that lightly, as I’m a self-motivated learner who does a lot of online viewing. When the AWAKE course came up I signed up because it sounded exciting, but wasn’t really sure how it would be better than what I’d already done. But guess what? It’s a whole new level. Seriously. Now I sound like some infomercial, but I can honestly tell you (as a cynical ex-New Yorker!) that if you’re really and truly interested in taking your capabilities to create art and express yourself to the next level, there is no money better spent than on this course. There’s also an amazing community of supportive artists in the FB group and Sebastian is constantly working to give us even more as the course goes along. And yes, it really actually is life-changing. Long story short, if you’re on the fence, get off it. See you on the other side!”

      — Nicole Wilde

      “Since discovering the Photoshop Artistry class, I have taken every class Sebastian Michaels offers. The quality of these courses would, itself, lead me to highly recommend his offerings. But it’s more: Sebastian is one of the most generous teachers I have ever encountered. He offers so much more than excellent classes. He is passionate about my success as a person and artist. This is nowhere more apparent than in the AWAKE course. In addition to hours of video and written content, he provides journal exercises, free licensed content contracted specifically for course participants, a magazine to showcase student work, a vibrant online community, and an upcoming website where we can sell our work. Just when I think he can’t do more, he comes up with another idea to support my success. I encourage anyone with an interest in digital and photographic art to take his courses. You won’t be disappointed.”

      — Tonnie Wolfe

      “I am so happy that I signed up for the Photoshop Artistry and AWAKE courses.  I listen to your motivational content in AWAKE over and over and feel so inspired each time.  Thank you for doing so much for all of us.”

      — P. Brown
      “I can’t thank you enough for this AWAKE course. You’ve impacted my WHOLE LIFE, not just my photography. Your excellence, your generosity and your example on how to live life to the MAX (which is my mantra) just overflows in all that you’ve done. So looking forward to watching the seeds that you’ve sewn grow into abundance!”

      — Wayne To the Max

      I am ever so grateful to Sebastian for offering this course. In the past year, I have learned so many different techniques which I have applied to my artwork, creating a unique style of my own. The content material alone is well worth the cost of the program. However, what I like most about the program is the work at your own pace and Sebastian’s unique style of teaching — he makes the most complicated processes in post-production so easy to understand and follow. This isn’t like any other online course I have purchased. Usually you buy the course and the instructor is never heard from again. But not Sebastian. He is there, always present, a very supportive member of the course he created. Thanks again!”

      — Judy Wolinsky
      Image by AWAKE Artist Jim Laskowicz
      My head just spins every day now with great ideas and things to do – it is so wonderful sharing with this community – I think you have enriched everyone’s lives here. Thank you so much.”

      — T. Hoskins

      “There is no end of my being grateful and amazed when it comes to Sebastian and the wonderful courses he offers. The year-long AWAKE class is totally unbeatable for its encouragement, teaching variety, and quality, the amount of additional resources being added, as well as the amazing magazine – and not to forget the personal touch Sebastian gives to each communication. Sebastian has managed to keep me entertained, active and AWAKE for a whole year, and now looking forward to the next. Creating art has become a part of my life, a part for which there is space within each busy day. Sebastian’s teachings are not just applicable to creating art… they really apply to each part of life – AWAKE is not only a photography art class, but a whole life philosophy.”

      — Heide Hoffmann

      “Just wanted to let you know how much I really love AWAKE – it's become a refuge from the busy life that comes with owning a pharmacy. Now I’m certainly looking forward to AWAKE in the year ahead. Honestly, the honour is ours, and I feel privileged to be able to feed off your enthusiasm. In case you didn’t know, it’s contagious, so thanks for that too.  You take care, and thank you for all the added value you keep piling into AWAKE.”

      — A. Tonna

      WOW! What an amazing, wonderful, and exciting journey. My original intention was to learn as much as I could about Photoshop. Boy was I in for a surprise! Not only do I now know pretty much everything there is to know about PS but I have also learned a lot about myself. Sebastian’s encouragement, inspiration and motivation has opened my mind and drawn out my own imagination and creativity. I guess you could say I am wide ‘AWAKE’ now. This course was much more than I expected it to be, and Sebastian just kept on giving so much to promote us as artists … As I say in my blog, 'I used to be an accountant – now I’m free…' Many, many thanks again Sebastian.”

      — Rosemary Smith

      “I appreciate all you have done for us… it’s a wonder you get any sleep at all… thank you so much!!!  As you remember, I was on the fence, but joining AWAKE was one of the best things I have ever done… it’s obviously been very educational... but SO much fun... can’t stop talking about it!!!

      — Kathy C.
      Image by AWAKE Artist Julie Denning
      “Joining Awake has changed my life for the better. This course is the best investment in a course that I’ve ever made and I’m only part way through! I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about Photoshop but this AWAKE course has taught me new techniques and inspiration on a daily basis. I am so excited about this course created by the inspirational Sebastian Michaels, who is a real gem and always amazes me with what he continually brings to the course and to us as participants. If you are serious about becoming a digital artist, this course is for you, so come and start living the Photo-Artistic Life.”

      — Christina Brunton

      “So amazing! AWAKE far surpasses anything I have ever seen or could have imagined. … I am constantly blown away at the shear enormousness of what the course offers … and you are ALWAYS ADDING MORE!  I have never encountered someone who gives so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

      — Pat Graney
      “I joined Awake in 2015 and have not regretted a moment since. Having first started on Photoshop Artistry Course I was lucky to be accepted into the AWAKE group. It is a fantastic opportunity to be among like-minded people who have become digital friends as well. The depth of learning is just amazing and the personal growth you get out of the core sessions is phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go above and beyond in their art work. Sebastian’s gift to bring out the best in your photographic and artistic abilities is brilliant.”

      — Trish Hoskin

      “Sebastian Michaels has created a phenomenal program with easy to follow lessons, excellent step-by-step videos and inspirational Core talks. With the new skills that I have acquired, I truly have become an artist.”

      — Marianne G.

      “When you sign up for one of Sebastian Michaels’s courses you are not merely signing up for self-study. You are part of something bigger: a community of digital artists who support, encourage and challenge one another. A tutor who puts his heart and soul into all that he teaches. You will learn invaluable techniques that will really give you an edge as a digital artist. What you also get though is a more holistic approach. This is particularly true of AWAKE where twice a month there are detailed video tutorials, incredible content for you to use in your artwork, and core tuition on aspects such as how to promote yourself and how to lessen your self-doubt as an artist. Believe me, I am not exaggerating when I say that this course has been life changing for me. A year ago, I dared not even dream that I would be where I find myself today. My work and my confidence has improved so much and I have made friendships and collaborations that I know will be long lasting. Being part of AWAKE has, wholeheartedly, been the best creative decision I have made!

      — C. Moore

      “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you are doing for our group and for me. Not only are you the world’s best instructor and most generous person on earth, but you have undoubtedly saved my life.”

      — P. Powers
      The AWAKE course was everything I wanted and all I hoped it would be …  I am not easily led and I don’t believe all of the hype I’m offered online (and you probably feel the same way), but I chose this course because I believed it could help me achieve my artistic goals. With Sebastian Michaels’s easy to follow no nonsense approach, I found I could work at my own pace and remain as independently creative as I wished, by just being ME … This has, in fact, been the best learning experience and artistic journey I have ever had, and I’m sure you will feel the same way.”

      — ALBaMass

      The time I spend each day AWAKE, whether watching one of the videos or creating art, is often the most fulfilling and peaceful part of my day. Sebastian, thank you for enriching my life.”

      — I. Sokol

      AWAKE is beyond my dreams. Thank you for your effort, your work and the wonderful outcome.”

      — Maria J.
      Image by AWAKE Artist Athol Phillips
      “Thank you so much for the AWAKE course.  I am learning so much and believe it is the best gift (besides my cameras) that I have ever given myself to sign up for your course.  Thank you!!”

      — N. Brizendine

      “Sebastian’s teaching and mentoring skills are amazing. As a retired full time photographer, I am learning to take my photographs to the next level. I strongly suggest taking this course.”

      — Walter G. Carlson

      “So amazingly grateful this morning to be involved in something so perfect for my life. Much gratitude and love.”

      — Julie Mead

      Joining AWAKE has paid off in ways I would never have imagined. Not only did I receive amazing training in the genre of Photo Art but I was welcomed into the most supportive artist community going. The encouragement, constructive criticism, the validation that ‘MY ART’ matters has done amazing things for my self confidence as an Artist. Before this I always just labeled myself crafty. Never thinking I could consider myself an actual artist. Now I proudly say ‘I AM AN ARTIST,’ without the need to add qualifiers. I’ve printed out more of my work in this past year than all the decades together leading up to this. I’ve been in several art shows, published internationally in several issues of Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine, and am in the process of launching my own digital content design line of products. All of this I credit to Sebastian Michaels. The courses and community he has created gave me a safe outlet to explore what my heart always knew was there. I believe everyone has a creative side to them. All they need is a place to explore that side with out feeling judged. This is the place to do that.”

      — Michelle Mondragon

      “We are all blessed to have you in our lives. What an amazing group you created!

      — I. Pomeroy
      Image by AWAKE Artist Dan Lavery
      “I feel like for the first time in my life I am engaged in something I am absolutely passionate about.  You and AWAKE are truly a blessing in my life and I am deeply grateful!”

      — C. Stiefvater

      “With each new session I complete, I am more and more amazed at how much time and work you have invested in making this course the best it can possibly be!

      — C. Harris
      "Thank you for all you have done for me, and for all of us in AWAKE this year.  I keep telling my husband, 'Best money I ever spent!'  More than once, he has joined me as I’ve listened to your Core presentations.  They were my favorite part of the AWAKE journey — that and the friendships I have formed with the Facebook group.  You are truly brilliant in your ability to inspire."

      — Denise Smith

      “I came to the AWAKE course with a slightly different background than many of the other students. I have been a professional photographer since 1969. For the past ten years, I have made my living selling fine art prints. I learned some useful techniques in the Photoshop Artistry course (a bargain, by the way), but most of the techniques there were familiar to me. I hoped Awake would be something brand new.  Well, I must admit that I was disappointed. Not in AWAKE, but in myself — for lack of vision.  AWAKE is several  magnitudes of new above what I had envisioned. Other people will tell you about the cool techniques they have learned. I will tell you about something else. The trick in getting truly great things from AWAKE is to integrate the Core lessons with your Photo Artistry. If you do this, you will BECOME your art, and your art will be you, not something you do. This course is nothing less than the Zen of photographic artistry and Photoshop techniques. Anyone can teach you how to extract elements from a photograph, or how to use blend modes. This course guides you in discovering and freeing the artist you already have inside you, but have not yet been able to unleash to its fullest potential. When you invest in this course, you invest in yourself. And believe me, you are going to reap the benefits of that investment from day 1.”

      — Gary Henderson

      "I truly love this course and know that I get more out of AWAKE than anything else I've ever done.  Honestly, Sebastian, you're a wonder. I so appreciated what you have shared with us. I think I'll be living and loving this new life you've shown to me for a very, very long time."

      — Kye Thompson
      The AWAKE course is absolutely amazing
      I have never found a course as well taught or as enjoyable as yours. You make it really easy to learn, and you have such an easy listening voice which is really nice. Thank you again for everything, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.”

      — B. Craker

      “I have in the past paid for other courses and they’ve been ok, although I haven’t really learned that much from them. After taking Sebastian Michaels’s Photoshop Artistry and AWAKE courses, I can only say WOW…. I have never stopped learning, being inspired or amazed. If anyone is thinking of doing just one course then Sebastian Michaels’s is the one to do, it will be the best money you have ever spend on a course.

      — Amanda Chapman
      Image by AWAKE Artist Trish Hoskin
      "You have created an incredible  world, a sanctuary, a family, a place for all your students to love, support and share the one thing that unify all of us:  'The Arts,' the excitement of creation and the need to grow and better ourselves.  AWAKE is a home like no other."

      — Soumaya Schnur

      "Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support, and most of all your incredible tutorials.  I would NEVER be at this stage of my digital artistic life if I had not discovered you and your amazing courses!  Forever grateful!"

      — Dale Botha

      "Your courses leave all others in the dust
      . And the supportive environment of our AWAKE group is invaluable."

      — Lynn Casden
      Image by AWAKE Artist Louise Campbell
      "You made my world artistic, colorful, happier, full of endless possibilities. I'm so thankful for that. I'm learning so much and I always look forward to what comes next.  Your tutorials and projects are fantastic and you make us feel part of something truly special and inspiring."

      — Evelyn Elwan

      "After logging into the AWAKE course, I am truly humbled at the sheer amount of work and care you have put into your offering. Simply incredible and a remarkable gift to aspiring artists. I am almost ashamed of the paltry amount I paid you."

      — Lisa Zach
      "I cannot thank you enough, Sebastian.  AWAKE is of the highest quality and is of the finest design, technique and presentation.  I admire you. I applaud you. I thank you so much."

      — Wayne Brodd

      "There are no words to express our gratitude, and the way you have changed so many of our lives, not only in transforming our photography or our art, but from the inside, you have made us better human beings.  You are one of a kind."

      — Amelia Blanco

      "Being part of AWAKE has been such a wonderful experience. The instruction is inspiring on so many levels and the camaraderie of the group is just fantastic. This will be the best year of your life!!"

      — Jill Capper
      So — Convinced Yet?

      And Just to Recap . . . Here's What You Can Look Forward To
      As You Begin Your Journey in AWAKE:
      Expert Photoshop Training
      Every session you'll receive several multi-video tutorials, taking you in-depth (layer by layer, technique by technique) through extraordinary works of professional photo artistry.

      These training videos will take your artistic Photoshop skills to a whole new level.  What you learn here will have you producing work beyond anything you've achieved before.
      Pro-Designed Content
      Every session you'll also receive a veritable treasure trove of AWAKE-exclusive content designed for you by the very top designers in the industry — giving you everything you could need (even high-res images and model photos) to create stunning works of photo artistry.

      All of this comes with full commercial licensing, and with this material your creative work will flourish.
      And Then All the Rest!
      Central to the AWAKE experience are the "Core Sessions," which will transform your artistic life in ways you can't now imagine. These are huge.

      Then there is also the incredible camaraderie and support you receive in the private AWAKE Facebook group ...  And then as well the monthly magazine and your personal ArtBoja portfolio to help you promote and sell your work!
      + AWAKE BONUS #1
      "21 Days to Creative Abundance"
      One of the most powerful tools I've created for turbo-charging your creative life is my short course "21 Days to Creative Abundance."  It's an invigorating process to work through.  And you're going to get lifetime access to this for FREE. 

      And you'll not only be able to start your "21 Days" whenever you like, but you'll be able to go through it again whenever you wish to take your creative life to the next level.
      + AWAKE BONUS #2
      The AWAKE Coaching
      Being part of the private AWAKE Facebook Group is an extraordinary experience in itself.  It's exciting to share in the companionship and encouragement of hundreds of artists around the world, ask questions and get critiques of your work, and just plain get inspired every day.

      But to make it even more powerful ...  you're going to enjoy the attention of my top AWAKE "Alumni," there to serve as coaches within the group.
      + AWAKE BONUSES #3, #4, #5
      Even MORE Brand New Training!
      I'm always looking for new ways to make the AWAKE experience all the more exciting and enriching.  This is why I've decided to simply roll right into the course Mystical Light FX software and two new pieces of training:

      The Commercial Photo Artistry training will help you uncover fun, creative ways of earning income with your artistry.  And the Quill & Camera course content will open up a fascinating new imaginative realm for your creative expression ...
      And there is truly NO RISK whatsoever in trying this out.
      Because AWAKE comes with a 6-Month 100% Money Back Guarantee!
      That's THE REST OF THE YEAR to try it out and decide if you love it!
      Seriously.  You have a THE REST OF THE YEAR to check out the entire AWAKE course, enjoy all the training, download all the bonuses, and see for yourself just how incredible this experience will be for you.

      And if for any reason you decide it's not as amazing as it is described here (and true to everything attested to in the dozens and dozens and dozens of testimonials on this page), all you need to do is email us and we'll refund you every penny.  It's that simple.

      You are completely protected by a 6-Month No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

      But if you're here, you are already in the Photoshop Artistry course, and you've no doubt been seeing the stunning magazine we produce every month — so you must already know that this is going to be amazing.
      6 Month Money-Back Guarantee
      Sorry — Enrollment Closed.
      Request to be added to the wait list at:
      Note:  You DO need to first be enrolled in the Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge course in order to qualify for enrollment in AWAKE.  The whole AWAKE experience is built upon the Photoshop Artistry training (and actually makes going through it all the more exciting and rewarding).  So if you're considering AWAKE but not yet in Photoshop Artistry, click here to sign up there first.   Or if you're just not entirely sure, simply email us at and we can check that you're enrolled there, and send you a new login.
      I sincerely hope you will join us.

      If you want to make the most of your art and really live into your highest and best self, then this is going to be an extraordinary year for you.

      This can truly be the year you break through whatever has been holding you back.

      The year you step up — the year you WAKE UP — and begin living the passionate artistic life you deserve.

      I’m looking forward to seeing you on the journey ahead of us in 2019.

      Let’s make something magnificent happen.

      – Sebastian Michaels
      Don’t miss your chance to join us in the
      most inspirational photo-artistry program of 2019.

      The spots are limited because of licensing restrictions, however, so you do need to move quickly on this and grab your place on January 1st — and truly make this the most artistic year of your life.